Examples of "Neighborhood Watch" type websites?
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Can you point me to any examples of “neighborhood watch” type websites, such as the ever creepy ISawYourNanny.blogspot? Basically, any site where Joe Schmo can share what he saw someone do in a public space? It doesn't have to be about neighborhood crime, anything will do.
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Best answer: There's the stalker section of Gawker where people write about celebrities sighted in public in NYC.
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Best answer: What about Overheard in New York? Not quite what people have seen, but what they heard instead.
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Best answer: Flickr has pools such as Yahoo! Can't Park
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Best answer: Holla Back New York, for women to report incidents of street harassment.
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Best answer: this one got creepy once, the writer googled the owners of the house.
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Best answer: RottenNeighbor.com
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