Time Vacuum (or Productivity Fail) Web Sites
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I'm putting together a list of some of my favourite time-vacuum websites. What I mean by that is a website that you can visit and then lose half your day to, by the sheer amount of great stuff to read, watch, play, listen to, learn, etc etc. They could be news pages, or a site where there is always something new to see, or maybe just a database that you can lose hours mining for interesting information. I'm sure we all have stuff like this in our bookmarks, so I'm turning to the hive mind for help to expand my list of really interesting sites.
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you might like some of the sites listed here.
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Look down.
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Posted to metafilter just yesterday: Live concert podcasts
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I love Lileks.com, especially the Matchbook Museum. Lots of material there if you're into looking at old stuff.
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Mental Floss
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We take it for granted now. But the Internet Movie Database is a deeper resource of film information than existed anywhere on the planet in 1990.
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I apologize to any who lose their day to this in advance: Google Public Data Explorer.
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Dang, hit post before I finished. Arts and Letters Daily for the anti-tl;dr set. There's more interesting stuff to read there every day than any sane person can read in a day.
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I don't know where I'd be without imdb and allmusic.com, although I will have to add that allmusic.com could really use some work on its backend (its database, while never anything but indifferent to user-friendliness, has over the last 6 months or so slid into the realm of really sloppily maintained and error-ridden).
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I would add to Arts & Letters Daily the Bookforum blog Omnivore if you're really into anti-tl;dr.
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I would stay away from the Online Etmymology Dictionary.
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Jawdle: Games and brain teasers
Flickchart: Rate movies to create a personal best movies list.

Seconding sporcle and reddit.
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Oh, noes, I was JUST about to start a paper due tomorrow...oh well, here are a few of my time wasters:

Know Your Meme
Living with Anteaters (exactly what it sounds like)
Tastespotting (don't go here if you are in college and can't buy/make yummy food)
Everything is Terrible
Cool Infographics
My Crazy Roommate (not updated anymore, but so worth the read)
My Life is Average (go towards the start, the more recent ones are lame)
ONTD (only place to go for pop culture and celeb news; don't do it for the articles, do it for the comments/memes/gifs)
Visual Think Map
Information is Beautiful
Better Explained
Sociological Images
Diseasome (ogod, I think I'm sick)
Confusing Words
Council on Foreign Relations
Forvo (produces an awesome feeling of contempt because you now know how to pronounce that word correctly)
Dictionary of Victorian London
LOLCat Bible (the only bible I have ever read)

Ok, I have to stop, otherwise you will never do work ever, ever again. I would know, this is only a small fraction of the sites I like looking at. Now off to that paper of mine!
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Response by poster: ^

I like what you did there. Very self-referential.
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The delicious awesome tag is my secret stash of awesomeness. Also try peeking at the 'funny' and 'wtf' tags.

Popurls is a great aggregator of trending stuff from across all the interwebs.
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Ffffound! (some images possibly NSFW)
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Encyclopedia Dramatica (“In lulz we trust.”)
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I second ED, but I am a tasteless student. :P I also suggest cracked.com, a hilarious and irreverent site that is actually genuinely informative, which is more than ED can claim.

Also, sexisnottheenemy.tumblr.com is a beautiful collection of very-sex-positive photographs and text posts. It's a truly awesome thing.
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Has anyone mentioned Metafilter yet? oknevermind.
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Science Daily
Cutting-edge science for the common (possibly science-impaired) curious person.
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Hey, eldvno! Could you re-post the link to the Sociological Images site? You accidentally (I presume) linked to this thread and I'd really like to see it!

Just so this comment isn't a total waste, I'm going to second Ffffound.com. That site is so filled with awesome images, and it's updated way too quickly to be able to keep up with it all (which is good for time suckage).
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Crime Library
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Not Always Right
Moving Images
Urban Dictionary

nthing Mental Floss, Arts & Letters Daily, Know Your Meme, and bash.org (though you must realize 90% of these quotes come from teenage boys, and expect a heaping helping of sexism/racism/otherism),
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Overheard in New York
Wonder How To - related to:
So You Wanna
I Am Bored

And, I know, it sounds weird, but trust me: Mr. Bento on Flickr. This is nothing more than a Flickr pool of people's Mr. Bento meals, generally accompanied by a list of what the food is (and sometimes recipies). Swear to God, you won't be able to stop clicking.
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Digg BigSpy
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When I have an hour to waste (and only then) I usually point my browser over to Futility Closet. The hour never fails to disappear quickly.
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Also, sexisnottheenemy.tumblr.com is a beautiful collection of very-sex-positive photographs and text posts. It's a truly awesome thing.

Thanks for that site! I just lost an hour there...truly great.
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MetaFilter. You're here!
Fabio Femino's scifi art collection
Winchell Chung's scifi geekery, the best set of instruction to build your own atomic rocket.
Shorpy, historic photographs.
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Sociological Images

That is the correct link, jsyk.
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I just recently got hooked on Free Rice where I can waste time, learn and ostensibly feed people hungrier than I am.
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