Help me find a replacement fan for my VGA heatsink
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Help me find a replacement fan for my VGA heatsink. The base of the fan is mounted onto the copper plate with 3 screws (in the shape of a 'Y') instead of the typical rectangular shape with 4 screws. This is an after-market heatsink for the 9800pro so I couldn't find any place that still sells it. The size of the fan is approx 2.12in which is about 53mm which is not typical either.
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I'd check Central Computing (in San Francisco) or NewEgg. I don't know anything about your card, but if it's more than a few years old, or low end, replacing the card might be an inexpensive option.

Also, this article has some useful info.
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Best answer: The fans tend to be custom to the heatsink. It's probably a lot simpler and not much more expensive just to replace the entire heatsink. 3rd party coolers that work with a 9800 pro are still available; I'm personally a fan of the zalman VF700 or VF900 for that era card.
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Also, the VGA silencer rev 3 and 4 are compatible; but since they've been discontinued, they might be a bit tricky to find.
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I'd just buy a new cooler. The fan is probably some custom OEM part that's going to come at a premium. You can find video card coolers pretty cheaply nowadays. Lets say the fan costs you 10 dollars plus 8 shipping. That's not unreasonable. A new cooler runs around 29.99 and can be found at your local Fry's or Microcenter.
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Another alternative is getting a PCI slot cooler. Just put in the slot below your video card and it blows air on it. My card ran much cooler (and more quiet) with this than the onboard fan.
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Best answer: Agreed that you want to replace the entire cooler, and seconding the recommendation for Zalman. I've used Zalman VGA coolers for years and recommend them highly; they're well made and very quiet. They tend to be a bit pricier than others, but you're getting a complete kit with mounting hardware, thermal grease (though I usually throw this out in favor of Arctic Silver), and some little stick-on heatsinks for your video RAM. The VF700 that ArkhanJG recommended is listed as compatible with all 9800 Pro cards and is $23.99 on Newegg right now.
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Agree with the above posts - you want a new heatsink. The links I posted are good places for them. I have a passive (silent) heatsink on my graphics card that I love - completely silent. Zalman by the way has an excellent rep for CPU and graphics card heatsinks. They're quite well made and beautiful (to this engineer).
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Response by poster: Thank you all.
After extensive searching with no result, I'm getting the Zalman VF700. Now the question is what to do with this big chunk of copper heatsink?
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