Laptop Repair in Lund or Malmö
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Calling all Swedish mefites! Laptop repair for an American Dell in either Lund or Malmö, Sweden?

My girlfriend is studying at Lund and just recently had a wine-spilled-on-laptop crisis (I've read the other AskMes on this; she has the battery out and it's drying).

Is there anywhere she could take her (American Dell) laptop to try to salvage it or at least pull data off of the hard drive?

Any additional information on computer repair in Lund and/or laptop spills would be welcome.
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I can't offer a personal recommendation, but using the Swedish yellow-pages site eniro, searching for the Malmö/Lund area, in the category Datorer - Reparationer (Computers - Repairs) brings up a couple of Malmö based companies with recommendations from eniro users, with one place in particular boasting several good reviews:

Restorit Dataklinik HB
Nobelv. 90,
21215 MALMÖ

(0762 - 71 31 62)
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Another idea would be to contact the university IT-departement - either for direct help or recommendations.

Helpdesk is available at
phone 046- 29000
ServiceDesk (at-sign)
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I'm in Malmö. If you give up on salvaging the computer, I have an external USB-based enclosure she can borrow and throw the HDD into it. Email's in my profile.
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Uh, I mean my MeMail forwards to my email, so do that.
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As a follow-up, if you've given up on the laptop, I could probably help extract the hard drive if necessary. No promises about not breaking other bits of it, tho. =X
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