Looking for a cat-proof catflap with good insulation
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Recommend a cat flap with a cat-proof lock.

4-way cat flaps are great, but our current one has a lock which is ludicrously easy for our cat to open by clawing at it - it's on the inside, at her level, and is simply a switch that toggles from side to side. Can anyone recommend a brand that has a cat-proof lock?

Alternatively, would there be any major disadvantage to fitting the cat flap back to front (with the "inside" bit with the lock on the outside)? Obviously I'd have to open the door to lock/unlock the cat flap, but at least she wouldn't be able to get to it from the inside.

Side-question: what is the best type of flap to stop draughts? Our current one rattles about in the wind - is the type with a magnet at the bottom more effective?
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I've got one with a magnet at the bottom and a rotary catch that looks the same as this one. Neither the cat nor the dog can operate the catch, but if the flap is set on inwards-only, the dog has worked out that bashing the flap just the right way will let her get a paw under it as it bounces inward; she then lifts it inward the rest of the way and goes out.

The magnet has always done a good job of keeping out the wind. Before the new hot water service was installed just outside the wall where the flap is, a howling gale blowing straight at that wall would open the flap but that doesn't happen now that it's a little bit sheltered.
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I have a combination of cat flaps. One is on the inside and has magnets keeping it shut. It's a floppy small-dog door. The cat has to hook a claw under it to pull it open to get out. The one on the outside is your standard magent-cat door.

Whenever I've wanted to lock him in, I've put a cinder block in front of the outside door, and/or cardboard or a box in front of the inside door. Sorry, nothing fancy. He's 18 pounds and can easily break through the "lock" on the outside flap.
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