bunions are no funions
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I've been thrilled to discover that a simple, donut shaped cushion is amazingly effective at preventing my excruciating foot pain. Yet for a small piece of foam with sticky stuff on one side, these bunion pads are awfully expensive: about 3 bucks at the cheapest, generic level. Can you suggest a cheap alternative? Something soft with a sticky side? I can easily cut out the donut shapes myself if I can find an inexpensive source of the basic material.
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Not sure if this is thick enough for your needs, but self-adhesive moleskin is cheap in large quantities and can be cut to size. Easily found at drug stores, etc.
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Seconding junkbox except to say that I didn't buy the Scholl brand but large (A4-ish) sheets of padding from a local chemist that I cut down to size.
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Response by poster: Moleskin was expensive at Longs, but I can look elsewhere if there is a cheaper source. It also seems a bit flatter than these pads, so not perfect, but workable if affordable.
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You can stack layers of adhesive moleskin, too, for a thicker cushion.
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To cut out the doughnuts a pair of gasket punches (one outside diameter the other the hole size) will make quick work out of cutting them out.
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Dr. Scholl's also makes a thicker moleskin-like padding called Molefoam.
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Find out what's causing the pain and eliminate that? Get new shoes.
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This is the cheapest neoprene I could find on the web. Cut the size you want, use Osto Bond or Hollister Medical Adhesive & Remover.
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This might be kind of rough looking but what about foam tape? But watch out if the adhesive is too sticky and rough on your skin. You don't want to make a small sore area a large sore area. Maybe try some foam or gauze cut to size and a very gentle tape like drafting tape if you can't get some sort of medical tape. Do bigger shoes thicker socks work at all? Good luck - you're right bunions are no funion.
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I also meant to mention poly foam weatherseal : foam on one side, self stick tape that's not too strong on the other side. At your local hardware store - cut it to size. Again - make sure the adhesive isn't too rough on your surrounding skin.
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