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Moving to New Hampshire from Arizona next week! We are driving across to OK, then up to Chicago and through Ontario from Detroit. From there I just don't know what route to take...

... What are some fantastic things to see, and what route would you go after you left Niagara Falls? I have never driven past Niagara before. I want to see anything from balls of twine to giant glacial rocks! My boyfriend has not traveled and I want to expose him to as many mind blowing and wacky things as possible! I've looked at RoadsideAmerica.com... but what am I missing?
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Be warned: the stretch of Ontario that you drive through between Detroit and Buffalo is ugly and industrial for the most part. Don't expect it to be scenic and lovely; expect to grind through it as fast as you can on your way to prettier areas. (Also, don't let it forever tarnish your mental image of Canada.)

How long do you have to spend on the Niagara-NH section of the trip?

And where in NH are you moving to (south v north if you don't want to get too specific)?
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Response by poster: I am going to Rochester, NH as my final destination.
We have 9 total days with the Uhaul trailer, and I will be spending 3 days in MI with family.
I would like to spend 2 days exploring the stretch from Niagara to New Hampshire ideally.

I am sorry to hear that portion of Canada is industrial, as I was trying to get around the crapass area of New York by going through Canada! :(
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Don't be so quick to call that part of New York crapass. In terms of utter road trip efficiency, it's pretty much the tops.

Take 94/90 all the way through new York and into Mass, then 495/95, and it's pretty self-explanatory from there. Google Maps agrees.
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Upon seeing your clarification, you can also get on 87N from 90, then do any number of things to cut across VT, including 89S. A little more circuitous, but very, very pretty.
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LobsterMitten, not entirely true. The stretch between London, ON and Hamilton can be quite nice, especially when you split off from the 401 and take the 403, which has less trucks and more rolling hills. Similarly, the QEW near Hamilton is pretty grey, but it gets nice as you go through the Niagra wine region.

Anyway, the quickest circuit, if you're coming through Chicago, is actually the following:
  1. Chicago Skyway south-east to I-94.
  2. I-94 in the direction of Michigan City / Detroit until you pass Battle Creek
  3. Take the I-69 North towards Lansing
  4. When you get to Lansing, follow the signs carefully and take the I-69 (again) for Flint
  5. Keep going till you get to the border at Port Huron, MI. (MUCH shorter crossing time than Detroit)
  6. Cross over border to Sarnia, ONT and take the 402 straight from the border
  7. When you get to London, the 402 will merge with the 401 Toronto-bound
  8. After you pass Woodstock, look for the exit for the 403 and take it toward Hamilton
  9. After passing through Hamilton, grab the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) in the direction of Niagra
  10. To get to Buffalo, you need to pass the exit for Niagra and just keep on the QEW until you hit the border

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can't really recommend a special route but welcome (when you get here) to NH. feel free to mefi mail me if you have questions. i live pretty close to rochester. i used to live in New Mexico. The biggest thing i miss about the SW is the SPACE and teh size of the sky. But the ocean pretty much rocks too. have a good drive!
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