I need a php or cgi image uploader script that's hopefully not too difficult to install.
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I need a php or cgi image uploader script that's hopefully not too difficult to install. I'd like to be able to give some family members a place to upload pics so that they can link to them for whatever reason. I'd like them to be able to upload one or multiple pics, and a huge bonus would be if it could show the url for each pic uploaded, so that absolutely no thinking is required on the part of anyone who doesn't get the intarweb (which is most of my family). ------->

I guess I'm looking for a script that does something like image shack does. I know how to google, and have found several that seemed to fit my needs, but they were buggy. Does anyone have personal experience with a good script?
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Why not use Flickr? They have uploader apps for most OSes and it seems very user-friendly.
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I wanted to host it myself, though. But thanks for the suggestion - maybe I'll send them there instead.
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I installed phpBB last week along with the attachment mod. It was quite painless.

With the latest attachment patch + imagemagick convert on your server, it will allow users to add inline images (resized as you see fit, if necessary) in their posts.

It's not exactly what you want, but it's just an idea.
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Does the galley remote app of gallery not do what you want.
Give the family members unique logins and even their own sub-albums as well.
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My brother and I are working on a project that covers this very issue (and a bunch more). We're trying to archive all the old family photos and, at the same time, create a new online photo album that the whole family can contribute to.

The features that we've concentrated on are things like simple upload and auto-web-resizing of images. We're trying to make it as simple as possible for my grandfather and other family members to just jump right into the site and make it work.

My brother's doing the majority of the code but I'm sure he could scoop some out and throw it your way. If you're interested let me know - email's in my profile...
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I don't need galleries or albums, per se, I just need a way to get the people in my family off of my back so I'm not always being emailed photographs and graphics ;)

They use them for various things - posting a pic on a forum somewhere, using them for avatars for message boards, graphic for blogspot blogs...stuff like that. I didn't actually need a place for them to display their loot. I figured I would give them the ability to upload the stuff by themselves, but maintain control overall by doing the hosting myself. I have an Aunt who thinks that if she uploads an image, she won't have it on her computer anymore, because, you know...she's uploaded it.

I really appreciate all of the help, even though I might not have explained what I wanted very well. Thanks. Soplerfo, I would really love to see your project when it's finished - please let me know!
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I just need a way to get the people in my family off of my back

I just want to add my $.02 and say "Flickr really got my family off my back" in exactly the way you describe.
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