Step-by-step explanation on how to connect video components?
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LudditeFilter: I need a concise, step-by-step explanation, preferably with pictures, to help a non-tech savvy relative connect video components. (M to tha Izz-eye)

The connections are between a relatively new TV, a brand new DVD player, a brand new VCR and a digital cable box. To my knowledge, all the necessary cables and cords for the process are on hand.

I've tried to assist this relative by phone (she's 4 hours away from me, but I'm her electronics/techy/computer go to person) and it's all too frustrating for both of us. Does anyone know of any site which might have pictures or diagrams demonstrating how to do this? Barring that, a site with a concise step-by-step explanation?
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Your best bet is probably just to make it yourself. Find out the make and model of each component, go to the manufacturer's website and download a manual (or at least a diagram of the back of the box), figure out exactly which cords need to go where, and then write out a step by step process for your relative. Any generic, ready made guide you find is going to require your relative to figure out if she wants a component or s-video connection between her dvd and tv, or if the cable should go through the vcr, or any number of other decisions that she is not able to make for herself. Take out the guess work and it will save a lot of debugging time later.
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