(Yes, someone in Hollywood actually wants to eat donuts.)
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Recommend a pick-your-own apple orchard in Southern California, not too far afield from L.A., please.

I've been spoiled by the fabulous orchards of Central and Southern Connecticut, but now I'm a Left Coaster in dire need of fresh fruit and cider donuts. I've Googled around and seen various lists of orchards in the area, but I'm looking for personal recommendations for pick-your-own joints within a two-hour drive of my fair city. I've got a busload of friends with bags at the ready - where should I point the terracraft?
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Best answer: I was just here this weekend, and we picked our own apples:


I highly recommend it. All kinds of orchards in this area. It gets pretty busy on the weekend, but not enough that it would deter us from going back. During the week would be a perfect time to go.
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I'll 2nd Oak Glen and add that there are places to see on Potato Canyon Rd in addition to all the places on Oak Glen Rd.
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Third Oak Glen. It's where everybody I know goes. Good cider too.
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