I need to know who made this prank phone call!
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Who made this recorded prank phone call? It's SO funny!

When I was younger, I went to summer camp and a friend of mine had this HILARIOUS collection of prank phone calls by a group similar to the Jerky Boys, but I am almost certain that it wasn't them. Anyway, here is a little excerpt from what I can remember. I believe the premise is that a foreigner is calling a translation or international advocacy group, and the operator is having difficulty understanding the caller...

Operator: ...I'm sorry I don't understand.

Foreigner: Yes.

Operator: Can you call back on Wednesday?

Foreigner: Yes..... No. What? Wednesday what? What is Wednesday?

Operator: Can you call back on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow?

Foreigner: Tomorrow?

Operator: No, the day after tomorrow.

Foreigner: Tomorrow?

Operator: No, sir. The day after tomorrow.

Foreigner: Tomorrow?

Operator: ....Yes. Please call back tomorrow...

Foreigner: OK!!!

Anyway, the sketch in its entirety is GUT-BUSTINGLY funny. If anyone remembers this from their childhood and can remember who it is, please let me know!
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I am 25 years old, and I want to say that I was around 12 to 15 when I heard these calls, which means it was around 1995 to 1998 when I was listening to them. And in the event that these prank-caller guys where a local success, I went to summer camp in Wisconsin, and my friend that owned the CD was from Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago, IL.
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Is it Gröûp X?

They have prank calls and sound Foreign. They have a skit that I think might match up to what you might be thinking of and their material was released in 1999 and 2000.
Sehventain Years is the one I'm thinking of...
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Drjimmy11, I agree with you, despite the OP's caveat. I remember a variation of this call as Jerky Boys material--an old man who needs a pair of glasses and who keeps getting the information wrong.

Lukeklein, have a listen. This is not the sketch you're thinking of but the style is VERY similar and maybe hearing it will ring a bell with you.
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Could it have been Johnathon Brandmeier ("Johnny B")? He was on WLUP and was very popular in Chicago and Milwaukee around that time, and prank calls were a large part of his schtick.
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