VAT refunds on the Macbook Pro
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My boyfriend and I are Australians living in Germany for the next 3 months and hankering for the new Macbook Pro. Help us negotiate our way around the VAT!

We were going to take a short trip to Scotland in a couple weeks which is perfect because we want to get a MBP with an English keyboard. Can we get the VAT refunded when we leave Scotland even though we are going back to Germany first and won't be going back to Sydney until February 2009?

Otherwise, do we wait to get the VAT refunded when we leave Germany?

If the latter scenario, does that mean we can't actually use the laptop until we get back home (which renders the whole purchase process pointless). Or can we use the laptop so long as we have all the packaging with us?
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I dont know about VAT, but how about asking friends/relatives elsewhere to get it for you and then ship it to Germany? You're still going to save a big chunk of money.
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According to the HMRC site , the VAT should be reclaimed when you leave the EU. You have until the last day of the 3rd month after the purchase to reclaim the VAT, so it looks like it should work out OK for you if you buy it in November. You need to get a particular form from the retailer, so make sure they can provide this before you buy.
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Just an idea: how far are you from Switzerland?
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