Prescription drugs in Singapore
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Traveling to Singapore with lawfully prescribed prescription medication including antidepressant/antianxiety drugs (klonopin, wellbutrin, and paxil.) Is it sufficient to pack these in carry-on luggage in their original bottles? Is a doctor's letter necessary/recommended? (Nothing says overcautious like "mandatory death penalty.") Thanks.
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I went to Singapore this summer and just as a precaution got copies of my prescriptions to bring with me. I carried all my medications in my carry-on in their bottles but no one even asked about them. I still felt better having the prescriptions and it was no big deal to get them from my doctor.
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ABSOLUTELY get a signed letter from your doctor listing your prescriptions and the dosages. Having the pills in their original bottles is not sufficient. Most of the time this will not be a problem, but i've watched too many movies about American tourists doing absolutely nothing wrong and ending up in a foreign prison for the rest of their life. I'd rather just go to the trouble of getting a doctor's letter.
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Get the prescription to be safe, but otherwise it shouldn't be a problem. As far as I understand, the bigger issue is with illegal drugs, not medication.
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The death penalty only applies if you are trafficking in certain controlled substances. If you really really want to know, here's the list of drugs to which the law applies. To be safe, get a signed letter from your doctor, which you can use to prove that your medication is for personal consumption and not for sale or distribution within Singapore.
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I would have said that a label on your bottle (clearly printed with dispensing doctor/clinic, your name and drug) should suffice, but after googling for the official ICA policy:

If you need to take medicines which may only be obtained through prescription under the Singapore laws, especially sleeping pills, depressants, stimulants, etc, please carry with you a prescription from a physician confirming that these medicines are required for your physical well-being. There are severe penalties for the illegal possession of such medicines.
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