I get an electric charge from you, this second-hand drumming it just won't do
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What drum machine / sample set / sequencer did the Jesus and Mary Chain use to get the distinctive drum sounds on the song "Head On" from the Automatic album?

I like recreating songs in GarageBand, but I find the included software instruments for drums to be limited. Currently I'm remaking "Head On" by the Jesus and Mary Chain, and I want to get the drums sounding a lot closer to the actual recording than the standard Rock Kit will let me.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to purchase/download a new software instrument that contains the samples used by the Reid brothers for that song, but I have no idea how to start looking for it. My google-fu does nothing but tell me that yes, they used a drum machine. I have access to an old 808 sample set, so I know it's not a stock one of those. O almighty hive mind, please help me!
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I don't recognize it offhand, but this site has samples from a whole bunch of machines.

(and for future answerers: Youtube link)
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Best answer: If I had to guess, I'd say an Alesis HR-16. It would've been brand-new at the time of Automatic and has that weird combination of "realistic" and robotic that embodies that album so well.
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I think it's a Linn. It's all in the snare tuning, and that verb on it is a big part of the sound on the JMC track.

Free samples here.
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Best answer: The Linn sounds close, but I think you could get pretty close with any vaguely similar snare sample if you get the effects right. The snare sounds pitched up slightly. Try a gated reverb on the snares and adjust the settings, or at least a room reverb with a medium decay and a bit of predelay.

Also, I believe there are kick drums under the snares (kicks hit on 1,2,3,4, snares hit on 2 and 4) which makes the groove a bit more punchy and was pretty common in the 80s.
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Response by poster: Alesis SR-16 sounds very, very close, and there's definitely reverb on the snares etc. Thanks so much!
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