Call 1-900-Help-Me!
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Please help me find video online of your typical cheesy late night phone-sex ads or sexy chat line ads. Not looking for parodies, I'd love to find the real thing, and am coming up empty.

A client of mine has asked me to produce something like a parody of a late-night phone-sex or sexy chat line ad. I'm trying to find examples to use as a reference point and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I keep finding other parodies that have been produced, but can't find the real thing. I'd love to be able to see what they use as backgrounds, what kind of fonts they use for the "1-900..." and "Call Now..." text, and examples of the bad acting to use as a reference point.
I turn to the hive mind for help locating some examples of late night porny cheese. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you, Youtube. Check out the related videos too.
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it's british, but check out the now legendary GayXchange ad...

(it just after the car ad, about 42seconds in)

check out the guy dancing in the stripey trousers!
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Whenever I can't seem to get to sleep at night, the ones that seem to pop up on my TV are for Quest.
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evangeline lilly (of lost fame) was a girl in one of those ads, seen here:

this is my favorite phone sex ad in life. it features only the catchiest song ever.
(lyrics: you don't have to be alone tonight/just call me/pick up the phone). this song jarred me out of my sleep one night in high school, and i have NEVER forgotten it.

and, here's another ad. this one is from the 80's:

each vid, shows related vids on the sides, most of which are NOT parodies.
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Oh, wow, the "pick up the phone!" song. That's precisely the one I came here to mention. It was ubiquitous during the early 90s, and would thus be a perfect thing to parody.
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