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Bug trackers -- is there an open-source, free and simpler to install alternative to Bugzilla? Bugzilla's installation is just a bit over my head.
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I found Roundup really easy to get up and running.
posted by majick at 1:24 PM on September 23, 2004

I used Mantis and it fit my needs 95% of the way.

A lot of people also swear by Trac.
posted by Remy at 1:41 PM on September 23, 2004

Mantis, sweet Mantis.

Seconded wholeheartedly.
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Response by poster: I'm attempting to install Mantis -- I finally got smart and installed PHPAdmin which seems like it will sove a few problems, but the Matis installation doc is vague on table generation.

It tells me I need to create the table for it, but it doesn't give me any specs -- fields, table name, etc. Any thoughts?
posted by o2b at 2:51 PM on September 23, 2004

From the installation guide:
Go into the sql directory and run the following command:

mysql -u<username> -p<password> <databasename> < db_generate.sql

You could also cut and paste the sql statements from db_generate.sql into a package like phpMyAdmin or into your terminal window.
Do you have that file (db_generate.sql) in the Mantis distribution you downloaded?
posted by mragreeable at 3:45 PM on September 23, 2004

Damn you all to hell for getting there before me.
I agree, Mantis is the one.
And if you don't mind paying, check out FogBugz
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I recently installed Trac and Bugzilla at work for issue tracking. We wound up going with Trac; it's way more Project Manager friendly, but the real decider was the fact I'd never want to have to get Bugzilla up and running in a hurry. I like it, but it's a pain. There is a package out there that contains all the Perl dependencies, but even that only makes it easier, not easy.
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Response by poster: ah -- mragreeable, that's what i wasn't understanding. i have a plan of attack now, thanks.
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