How do I find a therapist in Dallas?
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Anybody out there loooooove their therapist in Dallas? Looking for practical, general, perhaps behavioral guidance with a good old fashioned existential crisis, and/or resources that will help me find one.

How did you find your therapist? How can you possibly pick someone from an insurance company's provider list? Are there online resources I'm not finding, like Consumer Reports except for mental health professionals?

Seems like a lot of therapists specialize in marriage or addiction or what have you, and I'm just looking for a reasonable, educated person to give some perspective on life in general and my life in particular.

I've had some problems with therapists' reluctance to leave religion/faith on the other side of the door, so bonus points for someone who will, or advice on how to avoid the ones who won't.

Of course, mail me with anything you'd rather not post.
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Do you have a primary care provider? Normally, they will have a list of their go-to specialists, which (hopefully) includes therapists, along with cardiologists, ENT specialists, etc. Their shortlist might give you a place to start, although ultimately you'll probably want to spend a little time with several before you make a decision. This assumes that you have a good relationship with your primary care doctor and trust their judgment on things like this.
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If you don't get any useful recommendations, I would go to something like the Psychology Today therapist find. Choose a very broad category (depression or anxiety - almost everyone treats those unless they are specialized). Read skim though the descriptions, cross all the ones that make you gag. If you have insurance, circle the ones that are also on your insurance list. Narrow it down to maybe 5-6 that sound like they might be compatible, call - find out their fees and if they are taking new clients. Make appointments with three to meet them in person (you may have to pay for the these out of pocket but it is really worth it to be able to compare) Pick the one that you feel like you can work with.

Looking for a therapist for a family member, the first time I went with someone who was highly recommended by someone who had been in a very similar situation. Didn't work out very well. Second time, interviewed two, relative went with someone who was recommended by a professional I respect. Even worse. Third time, an intern at a clinic that specialized the then-current issue. No chemistry, no second appt. Fourth time, crisis, one professional recommended a second one, the second one recommended a third. The third was available and willing. Great chemistry on the first meeting - very successful relationship for 2.5 years. So, who ever you pick, if it isn't clicking for you after a month or so, consider looking for someone else.
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My personal recommendation is Dr. Terry Parsons (website).

I should mention that I've used him on account of my parents knowing him and his wife for quite some time. And also, yes, he is a United Methodist minister, but I felt that he was a therapist first and foremost. I'll be honest, in the 2 years or so that I went to him regularly, I never once felt like that he pushed any kind of religion/faith doctrine on me.

He was there to listen, and help me through whatever it might have been that was troubling me at the time.

I honestly don't know what types of insurance he takes, but, I do know that he is *extremely* flexible in working out both a rate and payment schedule with you to best suit your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact me at michael dot haydel at gmail dot com for any further information. I'd be happy to help in any way.
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