Places to carbo-load near the Palmer House before the marathon
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Chicagofilter: We are staying at the Palmer House. Where should we eat Saturday night prior to the Chicago marathon that is within walking distance?

My fiance and I are heading to Chicago Friday night and staying at the Palmer House. Before running the marathon, we obviously want to load up on some protein + carbs on both Friday and Saturday night! (I have a superstition that the food one eats two nights prior to a marathon is most crucial. Arguing will get you nowhere).

We'll get in late on Friday, so we'll play that by ear (and I remember there is an awesome bar/restaurant a couple of doors down that will do it.)

But for Saturday evening, where should we eat that is close, delicious, and memorable? No price problem, though we don't want to have to wear formal/cocktail attire. I have checked out the Chicago restaurant threads, but this one is quite specific and I have a feeling there will be, um, one or two other people trying to do the same thing that weekend. Thanks for any suggestions.

Also, we are hanging out Saturday, Sunday afternoon after the marathon, and part of the day Monday - anything we shouldn't miss? Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks y'all, and I'll let you know if I win.
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chowhound to the rescue.
seriously, those guys are awesome.
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Best answer: One of my favorite places is Miller's Pub, just a very short walk from the Palmer House. That may be the awesome place you were talking about. Best burgers in the city.
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Best answer: Russian Tea Time, Nick's Fishmarket
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Best answer: Italian Village is within walking distance, and you can't beat pasta for carbo-loading. They take reservations.
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Response by poster: Ooooh, thank you MeetMegan; Miller's Pub is exactly the place to which I was referring.

Italian Village looks great - I am going to check out the menu and reservation availability, shadow vector.

Thank you for the suggestions!

(Any further are appreciated, but great ones thus far.)
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Protein and carbs? Walk over to Due's Pizzeria on Wabash and order up some sausage and cheese deep dish pizza.

Funny that you should ask this question. I stayed at the Palmer House last week and did exactly this!
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Seconding Russian Tea Time, which is just a few blocks' walk from Palmer House. Here's their webpage, and menu. I'm not a fan of Russian food, but Russian Tea Time is stupendous. It is, however, a bit upscale. While you won't need formal/cocktail attire, jeans and tee-shirt will be frowned upon. If you decide to go for more familiar cuisine for Saturday night, do try it out for Sunday, or drop in during the day for their afternoon tea.
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