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What is the best way to maintain a "top 100" list on a week to week basis (that also tracks how far something has moved up or down the list the previous week)?

So let me try to explain this the best I can -

I have a top 100 list that I update on a weekly basis (the list is made in excel). What I would like to do is have a system that takes that top 100 list on a week to week basis and tracks how list entries move up or down the list on the week to week basis.

This is sort of like what you see on Box Office Mojo:

Where you see the previous rank, the new rank, and the change.

Are there any good ways to automate this procedure?

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Strange that there haven't been any answers to this one.

You would need a database with a films table (or whatever it is you're tracking) and a weekly-earnings table.

It would then be (relatively) simple (for a programmer) to set up a query showing the weekly totals-to-date, sorted by total-taken-that-week, with columns showing the % increase/decrease that week or steps up/down the Top 100.

Can you get this out of Excel and into a database? If it's for desktop use, you probably have Access as part of Office. If it's ultimately ending up on the web, check if your host provides a database like MySQL as part of the package.
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I can throw it onto access or mySQL - I'll give it a shot.

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