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Looking for a recommendation for a tattoo artist in Pittsburgh.

Specifically, I'd love to hear about first-hand experience, but any information is better than none.

(The piece will be/encompass most of my right forearm, if anyone's curious.)
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Knowing the style of the piece would be helpful, as well, since different artists have different specialties. Is it photorealistic? Black and gray? Traditional Japanese or old-school Americana? Simple blackwork or tribal?
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While not IN Pittsburgh, I highly recommend Old Soul Tattoo in Canonsburg. One of my best friends gets ALL of her work done by Josh and it is all phenomenal. And after your tattoo, you can stop at Sarris's and load up on icecream and candy.

In the city, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Eye Candy, and that's probably where I'll go once I can set aside some cash.

Best of luck!!
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more info: (cue the metafilter snark) the piece I want is the same as what Spider Jerusalem ( Transmetropolitan, Warren Ellis) has on his right forearm. So, tribal?
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Yup, looks like some solid blackwork. When you're shopping portfolios, keep an eye out for well-executed lines and large fields of color that have healed cleanly and evenly.

I doubt you'll have much trouble finding a great artist for the pieceā€”the design is relatively simple, and many tattooists are comic book geeks. Good luck!
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Bodywork Tattoo Shop in Penn Hills with Jim Peticca. He's the best. Very Professional too. While I never had any tattoos done in Pittsburgh, I had a couple of friends that went there and got great results from him.

You also might want to check out the Pittsburgh Live Journal community for some other opinions.
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