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I'm having two issues with Skype that make it hard for people to add me to their lists, and I'm not entirely sure if they're bugs or if it's supposed to be like that. I don't get notified when people add me, and nobody can find me in the directory.

Whenever someone adds me on Skype, I am never notified. When I add them, they aren't notified either, I think, because people I have added don't seem to know that I am on Skype. The only way to get on each others contact lists is if we independently add each other and then try calling when the other person might be online. I kind of accepted this as normal, until I set up Skype for my parents and found out that other people do get notifications when someone adds them.

The second problem is possibly related: I don't seem to show up in the Skype directory sometimes, even though I have it set to make my full name and location public. I can find myself, which leads me to believe that I might only be visible if I am online (because I'm always online when I search for myself, and when I switched accounts to search me from my parents' account I was obviously offline at that moment). Is that supposed to happen? Is there a way to make people find me even when I'm not online?
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Best answer: Wow. I have been having the exact same problem this week. After much searching, I found this posted in response to a similar question in one of the Skype forums:

Due to the very high number of registered users their names are often not retained on the search base if they have not been online for 10 days or more.
Once they go online again their name appears once more.
Perhaps this is the problem.
To receive a request to add to Contacts you both need to be online at the same time.

In fact, my husband just signed up with Skype this week, told me his user name, and I couldn't find him in the directory. But when he called me, then I could add him to my contacts.

I think there has to be something else going on here, b/c this didn't seem to be the case when I signed up (maybe a year ago). Maybe someone else has a better answer?
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Response by poster: Thanks, that already helped me with part of my problem! I might have been offline for 10 days when I tried searching for myself from my parents' account, because I was on vacation and hadn't used Skype in the week prior to that either.
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