Where to buy cool posters?
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What are the threadless-ish equivalent websites for posters, art objects, etc?

I have an office and a new apartment to put my own stamp on. I'm looking mainly for posters and perhaps a few other things to make these places less antiseptic. I've already hit up thinkgeek, but movie/music posters aren't quite my style. I do generally like the threadless aesthetic (their prints are too expensive though!) -- also, stuff with a science(-fiction)/technology bent would be cool.

Any thoughts on where to find stuff?
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Tiny Showcase.
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many deviant artists sell prints of there work through the website, and it is CHEAP.
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I enjoy gigposters.com. Some of the artwork on those things are truly phenomenal. Check out the classifieds section for items you can buy.
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Best answer: we heart prints links to a bunch of interesting prints and online galleries.
The Poster List has a lot of pop culture posters.
Thumbtack Press is a curated outlet for artists. Seems to be mostly illustrative.
20x200 sells $20 8x10 prints in editions of 200. They also offer larger prints. New editions post on Tuesday and Wednesday. They offer a variety of styles.
UGallery features artists that are generally still in school.
For science-y stuff, I like Plan59's retro-future-space prints.
Etsy, of course, has really great stuff if you poke around enough.
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Alternative Motivational Posters.
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