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I'm looking for interesting and fun online stores similar to ThinkGeek, PerpetualKid, etc. Something that has unique, unusual gadgets, or home/office decorations. What are some such stores I might not be familiar with, or maybe previous threads that mention them?
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While they are in Japan, US shipping is inexpensive and fast. I've ordered many, ahem, unique and unusual items from them.
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The Mefi Wiki has a very long list of these stores taken from previous threads.
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You want "unusual"? Archie McPhee
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Buy Olympia run to artsy crafty musicy thingies.
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Uncommon Goods is good. More unique art/crafty than geeky, though.
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I just blogged about my experience with DealExtreme the other day. They have dirt cheap Chinese doodads of every possible type, and all prices include delivery to anywhere in the world.


* Slow delivery. It took almost three weeks before I got my stuff, and then it wasn't packaged well. But their support organisms instantly agreed to send a replacement for the $2 worth of my order that was damaged.

* They only accept PayPal for payment.
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I second everything dansdata said about dealextreme.
DX is awesome, they have tons of stuff.
From magic message beans to 10 year glowing tritium keyrings.
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I think Etsy is the definitive resource here.
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