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I'm looking for inkjet printer paper (or an online printer) that will produce highly saturated color prints but isn't too shiny.

I've been getting prints of some of my photos by Mpix on Kodak Metallic paper. I use for the very highly saturated color it gives me. Now, I'd like to get similar color saturation on paper that isn't so shiny. I'd also like to try my own inkjet paper, but I'm open to another online printer (or a local place in Seattle.)

Bonus points for paper makers that also have profiles for Epson 3800 or 4800 printers.
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I don't know whether you'd be happy with paper that isn't shiny at all, but if so, try Epson's own Heavyweight Matte. I've been very pleased with every print I've made on it - I'm looking at the ones up on my wall behind the monitor right now, and the cat tummy is almost as black as it is in real life. The Lego Escher isn't much less oversaturated than the original, either.

Heavyweight Matte is quite cheap, too.
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I use Canon matte photo paper for my etsy prints, and I've been pretty darn happy with it. The colors end up having this velvety quality to them.
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