I really don't want to go over my limit.
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How can I tell what's included in the flat-rate bit of my vodafone blackberry, and what's coming out of my 500 MB?

I just finally successfully downloaded google maps on my curve 8310 using pocketmac, and it is so much better than either vodafone maps or blackberry maps. However when you scroll a tiny bit up it's all "350kb" and stuff. That will add up quickly!

I am on UK vodafone, and it comes with a 12 month vodafone sat nav subscription.. I pay 30 quid a month and get 500 mb of internets with that, plus I also have the £5/month blackberry email subscription.

So what's coming out of my 500 mb/month? Does Blackberry crapbrowser get excluded, but not Opera? Does that vodafone sat nav free subscription mean the baffling and confusing maps it gives me are at least free for the now? What about BB maps and google maps?

What about when I receive, and then decide to open an attachment on my email that's pushed to the phone? Is there a good faq somewhere for this?
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If you have two data plans on your blackberry that means that all data that passes through the 'blackberry.net'(or similar) APN is what will count towards your unlimited amount

This will generally means that all e-mail/calender etc will pass straight through to RIM via the private APN and everything else will go through a public apn and come off your 500MB.

While i am not sure which APN the google maps would be using i was unable to find the setting in my Pearl i know that you can change the browser setting to only use the internet or to only use the BB APN's that is in the browser setting under advanced settings.

I am with Vodafone NZ and the plans are very different to the UK but make sure they they do not mean 500MB for all data use.
In NZ the BB plans have a certain amount of data for everything as they are designed to have all data going through the BB APN which is fine as most people will only use around 20-30 MB in a month unless you are doing a LOT or maps viewing or using the phone as a modem

Hope this helps
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