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Cool stuff to do in Cabo, Mexico? I am heading off to my first real vacation in 10+ years in just a few days, and so looking forward to it. Though relaxing on the beach and reading good books would be totally fine, I am hoping some MeFites can contribute a few cool off-the-beaten-trail ideas beyond the normal touristy things.

I read mattkline's Cabo thread from '06, but I am hoping the since-expanded MeFi collective can add to it..
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Might be more effort/money that you want to spend, but getting away from Cabo and going to Pescadero and/or Todos Santos is my suggestion for non-touristy stuff. If you can spend the time and are interested in this sort of thing, spend a night or two at the Pescadero Surf Camp and go surfing. Or just wander around Todos Santos and see it before it becomes more developed. Eat at Tacos Chilakos on the North of town and then go to the cultural center.

Ok, so to answer your question about Cabo...

Take the long way to Playa del Amor. Skip the water taxi and climb the hill to get there. Snorkeling is fun too and you're bound to see plenty of fish. For about $30 you can take a boat ride to a nice snorkeling spot. The boat will probably have snacks, lunch, and all you can drink booze!

Whatever you do, drink lots of Coca-Cola with real cane sugar! Yum!
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Seconding ArcAm's suggestion of getting up the coast a bit. Cabo is pretty commercialized, touristy, overpriced, etc. It's almost bad enough that it might as well be Palm Beach.

It might take more effort to get out of town, but everything is so much less expensive once you do so, it'd probably cancel out. The scenery and people take a real upturn, too.

Playa del Amor is amazing, and Todos Santos is one of the prettiest places on the entire west coast.
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Walk along the Estero San Jose. Go to Todos Santos. Get a carbonated margarita and a chile relleno at Miguel's. If you are really in adventure mode, continue to La Paz, where you have to eat the fish tacos at Moyeyo's on the malecon. Go kayaking in the Bay of La Paz. Visit the La Paz Museum to learn that the original inhabitants of the peninsula were commonly over six feet tall, an oddity four hundred centuries ago. You can spend one night in La Paz because there's so much to do there; I recommend Club El Moro, not far from Moyeyo's, just east of the center of town.

In short, see the peninsula, not just the tourist towns.
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not four hundred centuries. either four hundred years or four centuries.
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Nthing getting out of cabo. I ended up next to this woman at the airport who talked about how great it was to have a condo in cabo, since everyone speaks English she never had to learn any spanish. Ug. I dug La Paz, which is a few hours by bus away.
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It's a totally tourist suggestion, but the "Waburrito" at Cabo Wabo is totally delicious.
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A generic (vs Cabo specific) suggestion would be to get a snorkling tour. No training necessary to snorkle, and you can see some cool stuff you can't see at home.
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Go rent some of those ATVs (4 wheel motorbikes). They let you take off on the beach by yourself. There is nothing there except what appears to be ranches, cows and, if you are lucky, a few whales migrating to some where. It was the most memorable part of my trip- really cool.
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I gave the nod to billtron just for the linkange and wanting the checkmark on the question list, but muchas gracias to all. This is gonna be fun!
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