Help me locate a transcript of this clip.
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Please supply me with a transcript of this Australian interview.

An interview with an Australian senator regarding an oil spill. I'd like for my wife, who is Deaf, to be able to understand what is being said in this clip. If you can locate a transcript... Thanks!
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You realize that it is not a real interview. Just so that when you present the transcript that someone else may provide (hopefully), that she will know that - the satire may be less (or more) transparent when written.
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On reading the tags after posting- yes, you do realize, sorry...
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That's no senator. That's the brilliant comic genius of John Clarke and Brian Dawe. Most frequently seen after Red Kerry O'Brien on a Thursday night on the 7.30 Report, I think.

It's usually incredibly topical to the week, so I assume it's quite old... having not heard of a topical oil spill lately.

Hope that helps your search... but I doubt you'll get a transcript easily. You could probably contact the ABC direct and ask them how to go about it. Good luck possum
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Have a scratch through here UnclePlayground:
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Perhaps it's this one you want? Sydney Oil Spill (now with linky goodness!)
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(Though, maybe it would be easier to simply transcribe it for her? Clarke and Dawe are both very clearly spoken with minimal "antipodean patois", and the clip is quite short.)
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Ah, Clarke and Dawe. In this clip, Clarke has more hair than he does these days, which places it back a decade or so. On googling, they're talking about the 1991 Kirki spill. The 7.30 Report does have transcripts of Clarke and Dawe, but the archives don't appear to go back that far.
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As others have pointed out, the 7.30 Report TS archive doesn't go back that far.

I thought I might have it in John Clarke's "Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century" (which collects highlights of the series) but sadly it was published in 1990 so that one missed it.

Clarke does pick it as a highlight of the series on his website, so it might be included in the forthcoming The Catastrophe Continues, due in late October, which will include the best of the last 20 years.

For that matter, it might be in "The 7.56 Report" (2006) but I can't find a list of contents.
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Actually it's more likely to be in "More Great Interviews" (1992).
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(Which is out of print but you can buy it here. You might give them an email to make sure Front Fell Off is in it.)
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It's not in The 7.56 Report - More Great Interviews might be your best bet.
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Another clip of this skit, linked from Wikipedia, is introduced by Jana Wendt. So this will be from before 1997, when Clarke and Dawe were on Channel 9's "A Current Affair" rather than the ABC's "7:30 Report".

That clip also contains the punchline missing from the YouTube version.
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Get her a transcript of this one while you're at it :)
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Here you go, Flabdablet.
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I snagged "Great Interviews" and "More Great Interviews" while I was in Sydney (Thanks, Books on King!), and I can confirm that the Front Fell Off bit is in "More Great Interviews".
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