Where to store a suitcase in Manhattan?
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I'm flying into LaGuardia at 10:30 on Friday morning. I'm staying with a friend in Brooklyn but won't be able to get into his apartment until the evening. I would like to spend the day in Manhattan, but will have a large rolling suitcase (like the biggest standard size one you can buy) that I don't particularly want to tote around all afternoon. Where can I leave it?

I plan on taking the M60 bus from LGA to the 125th street stop for the 4/5/6 train (I've done this before with no problems), and then the subway downtown to go to a museum or do some shopping in SoHo. From there I will take the subway to Brooklyn in the evening. I'd kind of like to minimize any running around solely due to the suitcase, if possible. I don't even care what kind of place I leave it, as there's nothing particularly valuable inside, or what I have to pay, within reason. Thanks!
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You can probably leave it with any decent hotel. They probably won't even charge you, but I recommend a tip at least.
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So I can just walk into a random hotel and ask them to check my bag even if I'm not staying there? I guess I see how it could work but I'd feel weird doing that.
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Technically bag checking is usually for hotel guests, but if you act like you are staying there, and have the tip out and visible, the bellman is not going to ask.
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An answer to this question suggests calling Hostelling International to see if you can use one of their storage lockers.
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In this situation, I have checked my bags at an upscale department store, which seemed to have a counter/room for pretty much exactly this. If there is some kind of info booth at the airport, they can probably give you specific local suggestions.
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lostburner, it appears that the Herald Square Macy's has a baggage check intended for shoppers and travelers. It sounds perfect...thank you!
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I'm sure you saw this, but Happy Dave's link has a locker rental place as the 5th listing:

JS Rental Locker
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Take the Carey bus from Laguardia to Grand Central and check the suitcase at the Grand Central checkroom.

Beware the rip-off artists who offer to pull the suitcase out of the bus storage compartment or hail you a cab, or do anything else. They will then demand a large fee.
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If you stop at the restaurant at the MOMA they will check your bag for as long as they are open.
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The HI - Jazz on the Park - or some nonsense, has a room downstairs where people leave luggage, unattended. It's "at your own risk" but everyone does it. There's so many people coming and going, that no one will notice you walking in and putting your stuff there, and if they do just tell them you have a reservation for later (I squatted in their basement when I first got to New York, so this is verified). It's on 104th or 105th and Central Park East...
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