Looking for a Kerry/Gore SNL sketch
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Does anyone else remember this SNL sketch with Gore and Kerry commiserating about losing to Bush?

My wife I and both vividly remember a sketch (we think it was Saturday Night Live but it might have been Mad TV) with Al Gore and John Kerry both talking (in the beginning) about how they're not bitter about losing to George W. Bush. Kerry keeps his cool, and when he's done saying he doesn't hate Bush, Gore says "I also hate him. I hate his squunched-up face." Also something like "You lost but I won. I should be president."

Anyway, we'd love to see it again but it seems like NOBODY else in the Google-verse picked up on it because I can't find any part of the quotes I mentioned or anything else with Gore and Kerry together. I've looked on Hulu.com and Youtube to no avail.

Did anyone else see this, or did we completely make it up?
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no. i rememeber it. i'm pretty sure they were at a chi-chi's restaurant and im pretty sure it was snl
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Hmm. Thanks darkpony, but I'm certain it was Gore and Kerry, not Gore and Bush. So it would have been 2004 (or later). I think the set was more bookcases-and-fireplace than chi-chi's.
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could this be it? it has Kerry, Gore and Bush..
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It looks like it might have been from this episode's weekend update, but there's no transcript.
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The SNL Archives also lets you search by impression ... my hunch is that this Weekend Update may contain what you're thinking of. But there's no transcript for that, it seems.
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(Kerry was imitated only three times after the 2004 election, and you've discounted the first impression. The second doesn't look likely, but the third also features Al Gore, so I think that's likely.)
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Yes, that's definitely the one. You can see it on iTunes for $1.99.
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The quoted line is about at the 17-minute mark.
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Brilliant, folks. Thanks!
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