Is there a Vista equivalent for Office 2004 Mac's "Notebook Layout View"?
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A friend of mine is a schoolteacher with the Chicago Public Schools. On his Mac, he uses Office 2004. He was showing me a feature in the Office 2004 version of Word that I really like. It allows you to open up a document in something called "Notebook Layout View" (I think) that simulates a page of ruled notebook paper as if you were writing in a spiral notebook. It even allows you to format a title and heading and other features. Anyone know if there is a Vista equivalent for Office 2007? I tried looking through the templates (both what's included with 2007 and at Microsoft Online) and I can't seem to find anything similar. (and please, no flames or exhortations to "get a Mac!" I'm stuck with I have and there's no changing for the time being) Thanks!
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Nope. Nothing like it in Word for Windows. There's OneNote, though, which is supposedly kind of cool.
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Yeah, this blog post makes it seem like that feature is something specifically developed for the Mac version of Word by the MS Mac Business Unit.

I agree with the onenote suggestion, it does basically the same thing (and then a bunch more other stuff, too)
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The notebook feature on Mac Word is basically a pale imitation of OneNote (in this case, Windows actually has the better software.) Check your MS Office install CD to see if it came with OneNote. It takes a while to learn, but it is worth the effort, especially if you are using a tablet PC.
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Sounds like Reading Layout.
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Reading Layout isn't it. I've seen both.

OneNote is what you are looking for.
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