Are there any online music video channels?
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Are there any online music video channels?

Sort of like (pre-reality/gameshow bullshit) MTV or CMT. Something with mostly videos with maybe some minor commentary / ads in between, that I could leave running on my second monitor without any need for interaction on my part. Maybe select a genre but that's it. Not looking for a list of videos that I can pick individually or by group, as that would run afoul of the 'no interaction' rule. This should basically by a music video TV channel I can watch on my laptop. Rock, pop, blues and country are all good. Extra points for roots- or bluegrassy- country.
Does said beast exist?
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Pitchfork TV
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There have been such things - Vidzone and Musicbrigade spring to mind - though both are in the process of being born in new formats. MTV has something and I believe Yahoo and MSN have a number of music videos.
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seems like I remember watching a long time ago. Looking at it now, it might be more 'choose the video', but back then (probably 9-10 years ago) it was more like streaming videos.
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