Which restaurants were in the Stardust Hotel in 1989?
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Which restaurants were in the Stardust Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in/around 1989, and what was the Stardust like at the time?

I need some details for a story I'm working on: does anyone remember which restaurants/bars/buffets/etc were in the Stardust around late 1989 or early 1990? I've Googled for it, but most of the info on the Stardust is either older or newer than that period, for obvious reasons. The name and type of restaurant is enough, but any details you can give me would also be lovely. General memories/thoughts on the atmosphere at the Stardust at the time wouldn't be amiss, either.

Thanks for the memories!
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I stayed at the stardust twice in the very early 90's. Sorry, I don't remember details about restaurant names or anything, but I'll tell you what I can.
The first time was probably 1990, and I had a room not in the main tower but in a smaller motel-style block of rooms that I think was around the back of the main building. I did eat once at the hotel restaurant, which had an amazing New York steak and lobster tail dinner for $9.99. The hotel main entertainment act was Bobby Berosini and his trained Orangutan act, but I never went to see it. The casino lounge had a typical lounge band doing covers of 60's and 70's stuff.
My second stay was probably '92 and I stayed in the main tower. Much nicer rooms but all I can remember is that the hallways and elevators were the highest static electricity environment I've ever been in. I was constantly getting zapped every time I got on or off the elevator.
Sorry I can't come up with more details, but that was a long time ago.
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Try here?
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This is better
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