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I worked for five and a half months in France and never filed a French tax return. Am I in trouble?

About 6 or 7 years ago I spent five and a half month working as an intern for a French electronics company. During this time I made about 700€ a month. My visa was "stagiare non-rémunerée." I never filed any tax stuff for this period, and I'm wondering (a) if I'm in trouble and could get arrested or barred from entry, (b) how can I find out for sure if I'm in trouble without actually trying to enter the country, and (c) how do I fix this if I am in trouble? I no longer have any relevant financial documentation (pay stubs, bank account numbers, etc.) handy, but I could probably find some of it somehow either by contacting the employer or the bank.

Throwaway email is
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You are only liable for french income tax if either you stay more than 182 days or earn more than 7650 euros, so you are exempt on both grounds.

This long (and tedious) document explains the system in English in detail.
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