Why should I not run after lasik?
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Why should I not run after lasik?

I finally signed up to get (femto) lasik later this month and the docs told me not to go running/working out for two weeks after getting the procedure. I forgot to ask them why.

any ideas?
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Doesn't lasik involving slicing a flap of the eye? I'm assuming that bouncing up and down wouldn't be good for it healing in place properly, but I've never actually had lasik.
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I'd also guess what sharkfu said. You don't want your cornea falling off!
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Best answer: I was told that they don't want the bacteria from the sweat to drip into your eyes.
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It's both the sweat/grim that might get in your eyes and the deformation of the eyeball caused by your footfalls.
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I ran after about three days. YMMV, but I would do it anyway and just take it easy. Your cornea is not going to fall off. The bouncing won't be problem. MAYBE bacteria.
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Is there a possibility that raising your heart rate/blood pressure through exercise might burst some capillaries?
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Best answer: I had lasik in February. and yes, it's because of sweat and things flying into your eye that you can't control. Plus it's so easy to become distracted from the "don't touch your eye!" rule whether it be your finger or a towel as you wipe your face, etc.
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