Windows Presentation Foundation for designers
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What are some good resources for Windows Presentation Foundation that focus on its potential for designers?

I work at a software company that is looking to rewrite our current product next year to utilize Windows Presentation Foundation. I have a very strong opportunity to be a user interface designer on this project - the person who comes up with the mockups and feature ideas, rather than the person who programs them.

Are there any good resources for WPF that focus on its potential for designers? Books, web sites, PDF propaganda from Microsoft, anything. I am looking for an overview of what it can do, features and limitations - things that would help a designer without getting too overly technical. (I can handle the technical if it'll help - I'm just trying to avoid a reference manual.)
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One of the key benefits (IMO) is the seperation of design from development. Using WPF/XAML and the Expression tools a designer can build/revise the UI quickly and hand it over to development. The developer then uses their standard toolset (Visual Studio) and makes it function.
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Are you MS partners at any level? If so, make them give you a training session as part of your partner education hours.
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