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Has anyone had Nikon gear that you bought used serviced under warranty? Is this possible, or is Nikon's extended warranty non-transferable?

I've got a lens (28-70 2.8 AF-S) that I want to send in to Nikon to have checked out. The person I bought the lens from filled out and mailed in the extended warranty card when he first bought the lens, so it's still under warranty until September of next year. They were also kind enough to include a copy of the original receipt from B&H that clearly shows the lens and serial number, along with all the other things he bought that day.

I've searched around a bit but I haven't found any clear answer as to whether or not I'll be able to get the lens serviced under warranty or not. Some are saying no, that the warranty is not transferable and if I want it serviced I'd have to have the original owner send it in for me (which probably wouldn't be a problem, but he isn't exactly local and it would just end up taking longer), and then some are saying it should be no problem as long as I include that B&H receipt and maybe also a note stating that the item was a gift (the original sales receipt is usually required anyway when getting warranty service).

Does anyone have any experience with getting used equipment repaired under warranty? I'd call Nikon myself right now if they were open, and I was hoping to get an answer or two before I go to the UPS store to send the lens out in the morning.
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Best answer: Nikon USA warranties are not transferrable.


...despite what you'll read in tons of eBay listings for second hand goods.

It doesn't matter whether or not the previous owner filled out and returned the card or not.

Also, and I mention this because B&H sells gray market Nikon stuff in addition to genuine Nikon USA products, if perchance the product isn't a Nikon USA lens, Nikon won't check it out or fix it for any price.
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