Help me protect my monitors!
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Any recommendations on hard, non-reflective, non-privacy-shield-style, clear monitor covers meant to be left on the monitor at all times?

At my new job, I have no less than 4 really expensive LCD monitors on my desk (I know, lucky me!) The facilities department has already managed to scratch one of them by improperly cleaning them, and neither facilities nor AppleCare is willing to pony up the dough to replace the monitor. The two that we really want to protect are Apple 23" Cinema displays.

Is there some kind of lexan / plexiglass / regular glass / polycarbonate cover device we can install on these monitors?
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Your situation sounds like it would be subject the same argument I've heard (and agree with) against putting a filter on a camera lens just to protect it: why buy a beautiful monitor just to cover it with what will inevitably be a supremely inferior filter?

By facilities department, I assume you mean janitorial staff? If that's the case, I'd find a suitable vinyl dust cover and put a sign on it advising them not to clean the monitors. At night when you leave, cover your equipment. If they take it upon themselves to remove the covers and then damage them, I think you'd have a better case made for them to replace the gear.
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It's not quite a hard monitor cover, but I've had good results with the LCD screen protectors sold by PhotoDon.

I bought one from them when I scuffed the anti-glare coating on my iMac and wanted to put something over the screen to keep it from happening again.
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Would a post-it note attached to each monitor saying "please don't clean" work? It seems to me that the cleaning crew obviously doesn't know how to handle sensitive and very expensive equipment. If it were up to me, I wouldn't let them anywhere near my stuff.
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Would a post-it note attached to each monitor saying "please don't clean" work?

Only if tonight's janitor reads English. Is there an international symbol for "Do not clean"? "Do not touch"?
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