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Please tell me of a vista-compatible podcatcher.

Vista blows. Nothing new, I know. But I am currently podcast free at the moment because I can't get Juice, Ziepod, jpodder, nimiq or the thousand other podcatchers I've tried. I've seen the workarounds mentioned online for Juice, but they don't work for me. Are there any out there?
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I was using Ziepod on Vista for a while and it seemed to work fine. Since then I've abandoned Vista, however (and Ziepod itself seems to have been abandoned, which is a pity since it's the only client I actually liked). Were you getting an error with it or something?
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Just putting it out there. Itunes? WMP? You already have the latter lol...
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yeah - iTunes surely?
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I use: iTunes, WinAMP or RSSBandit on Vista (both x32 & x64) - the only thing I haven't got to work correctly is WinAMP with the ml_pod plug-in to sync my iPod under x64...
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And... if you are having specific compatibility problems, did you try creating a shortcut to the .EXE, then setting the compatibility properties of that shortcut to something more XP-friendly?

(I have to do this all the time with kid's "edutainment" games designed for 95, 98, ME... but they generally work fine after a few tweaks...)
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Not sure if this would work for you, but I have some friends who developed an external Podcast grabber that should work for all OS's:

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You can make Juice Receiver, (a popular, open-source, unfortunately abandoned podcather) work in Vista with a bit of very simple config file editing... instructions here
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