My Computer Can't Hear Itself
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Vista screwed up my ability to record inline audio. How do I fix it?

I use Audacity to edit a podcast I'm working on. I would like to have audio from movie trailers and such in my podcast, but can't get audacity to record the sound coming out of my computer. After doing a bit of research, I've figured out it's because I have Vista. More specifically, I have a Gateway MT3705 with Vista and a SigmaTel Sound Card.

I've done my best to fix the problem by updating drivers, but the whole thing has basically just caused more problems. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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I guess that is one of the DRM features in Vista. I guess you have to use something like Virtual Audio Cables to enable recording of your own sound.
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Best answer: Yeah. This is a major issue I have with Vista, which came pre-installed on my computer.

I didn't want to pay for VAC, considering it is something that my computer is inherently able to do but Vista took away, so I rigged up a less-than-pretty solution. I use velcro ties to attach headphones to my microphone while recording. It works surprisingly well, and you can hear the audio out fairly well. Of course, make sure to mute the mic volume out to speakers first, or hear a squeal.
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From here:

"To enable the Wave Out mix:

1. Go to the Sound item in control panel
2. click on the Recording tab
3. Right click on the background of the tab and select "Show Disabled Devices"
4. find the Wave Out mix item and right click on it and select Enable
5. It will now show up as a device channel in application like Cubase and Audition"

Sorry, I can't check it myself as I don't run Vista.
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Response by poster: Well, when I tried that, nothing new showed up at step 3.

All are good answers. I tried your suggestion, jeremiah, and was also surprised at how good it sounded. Of course, a better solution would be great, but this will work for now.
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This is by design, because you might steal music, you thief. You don't own your computer anymore: Microsoft and Hollywood do, and don't you forget it. Some bits are special, so you can't copy any bits at all.

That said, I think VAC will indeed let you work around this, at least for now.

You might also be able to work around it with a USB soundcard, either by connecting the out of your onboard sound to the in of the USB, or by just doing it completely on the USB, looping the out to the in. I also have some vague idea that USB sound is less crippled than other varieties, so you MIGHT be able to just record with Audacity directly, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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