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Can the smell of human sewage have health risks?
October 4, 2007 5:18 PM   Subscribe

Yuck! The boat I'm working on has a sewage problem. The smell in my bunk room is really bad. Are there any health risks associated with this?
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Well, maybe. If you can prove a higher-than-usual incidence of fecal coliform bacteria, or dangerous levels of methane or ammonia in the air, you may have a case. OSHA has limits for these types of things ("TLV" is the thing you're looking for).

All bets are off if you're military, tho.
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Well, I guess I sort of read into your question a bit, didn't I? Anyway, those things are the sorts of things OSHA cares about, so the nasty side affects with which they're attendant should be a start...
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The diseases commonly transmitted through sewage are not transmitted through the air, if that's what you're worried about. Needless to say, if your hands come into contact with the muck, be sure to wash up.
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