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June 29

Gastric bypass for the not-so-obese?

I'm slightly overweight (5'3", 150 lbs.) so I don't qualify for gastric bypass in the U.S. However, I have heard of people going abroad to get the operation when they aren't fat enough, or haven't been fat enough for long enough, to qualify for it in the States. How does one do that? If you've had experience with that, how did it go? How much does it typically cost? Thank you in advance.
posted by visenya at 3:55 PM - 4 answers

psychologically and physically dealing with sudden weight gain?

Within six months of starting a prescription known for its tendency to induce weight gain, I gained over 50 pounds. I went from a size 0/2 to a size 12/14, just under 110 pounds to just over 160. I don't recognize myself in the mirror and feel like my body isn't even mine anymore, but I know losing this weight is going to be incredibly difficult. Can you help me find a way forward from here? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:27 AM - 22 answers

June 28

Marine Corps Marathon

Are there any tricks to getting a bib transfer into the Marine Corps Marathon? [more inside]
posted by orangemacky at 7:57 PM - 2 answers

Transgender therapy?

I want to transition. How can I find a trustworthy gender therapist in the Philly suburban area? [more inside]
posted by elsilnora at 3:31 PM - 10 answers

Why is depression so seductive?

When I feel depression creeping on, there's almost always this voice in my head that tries to convince me not to do the things that I know will make me feel good (like go out with friends or exercise). Except that the voice doesn't feel at all external - it feels like me all the way down. Except that it wants me to feel worse, even when I know there are things that will make me feel better. Why is this? Is there a name for this experience? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:22 AM - 24 answers

June 27

How dangerous is traveling to Africa without shots?

I'm going to be traveling to Tanzania next month, a family trip. I'm trying to decide whether to get Hepatitis A and B shots before I go. [more inside]
posted by AdamCSnider at 8:05 PM - 41 answers

Hard sleeping surfaces?

My room gets really hot at night, and my mattress doesn't help! I'd love a surface to sleep on that doesn't retain heat as much. I'm not sure what keywords to use to search for this online - everything seems to loop back to nonscientific woo, and all I want is a good sleep. What should I look for? Am I approaching this right? [more inside]
posted by LSK at 6:33 PM - 16 answers

What should I ask my doctor to do about pregnancy leg pain?

I have what is likely pregnancy-related sciatica. I also have an OB who is happy to refer me to any services or specialists I might desire. What should I ask for here? [more inside]
posted by JoannaC at 11:10 AM - 17 answers

June 26

Physical therapist in NYC

Can you recommend an excellent physical therapist for scoliosis in Brooklyn or Manhattan? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 6:39 PM - 1 answers

Fill 'er up

Can you tell me about your experience with dermal fillers like Juvederm? [more inside]
posted by unannihilated at 6:06 PM - 3 answers

Tell me why it's gross/disgusting to eat someone else's leftovers?

Not from a cultural, societal point of view. But medically, scientifically, health/welfare, risks?? Is the germ/fluid exchange different from say, a kiss or handshake? And different if doesn't involve a food with an actual bite-mark (ie the fries not the hamburger?) [more inside]
posted by Xhris at 9:10 AM - 22 answers

June 25

Medical Marijuana for Social Phobia (Strain? Form?)

I just got approved for medical marijuana and was surprised at how "wild westy" the whole field is (this is in Massachusetts, where seemingly you could go in with a stubbed toe and be approved). I'm not interested in trying to grow it on my own and so will go to a dispensary, but just was seeking recommendations on best form to take it and what strains might be expected to work best with social phobia? [more inside]
posted by Jon44 at 2:59 PM - 10 answers

What's the story with my grandma?

My grandma is in her 90s and she broke her neck. I'm not sure I'm getting the story straight from my father so I just want to know what's going on and what to expect. What I know is inside. [more inside]
posted by aniola at 11:37 AM - 13 answers

Debunking Dr John Sarno / TMS / Healing Back Pain

Can someone help me understand or explain why there seem to be so many people (including many on the green) who have claimed to have been helped by Dr Sarno's books and his whole 'TMS' diagnosis? I just read the book, and it seems like complete quackery, especially in his advice around herniated lumbar discs. What gives? [more inside]
posted by sxtrumpeto at 6:43 AM - 10 answers

Getting diagnosed with bipolar II

I think I may have bipolar II. How do I get help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 3:18 AM - 11 answers

June 24

What's the best way to heal a poison ivy rash?

I got poison ivy. Boo! The rash is no longer itchy. Yay! But what do I do about the rash itself? [more inside]
posted by sutel at 11:58 AM - 7 answers

A retainer to keep my crooked teeth crooked--is it worth it?

In the last year or two my previously non-crooked teeth have become noticeably crooked and crowded. I'm worried they will only continue to get more out of alignment. I asked my dentist for some options and she suggested a retainer to wear at night to keep them from shifting further. Does it make sense to do this without having them straightened first? [more inside]
posted by whistle pig at 11:48 AM - 7 answers

cardio = panic attack

Raising my heart rate to cardio-levels has a really high chance of making my body think it is having a panic attack and I want it to stop doing that. [more inside]
posted by griphus at 10:47 AM - 8 answers

I'm Down 0-40, a double break, and two sets to none

I hurt my arm while playing tennis back in October. Saw a doctor in April, May. I'm still in pain. I don't know where to go from here. Recommendations? Location: Mid East Coast VA. [more inside]
posted by mr_bovis at 9:37 AM - 3 answers

How to get help during a mental health crisis?

I'm dealing with a double career/relationship situation that has completely "destroyed" me. I'm eating and sleeping; I have savings for several months, and I'm not going to hurt myself or anyone else. But, I'm nonfunctional, going in circles, suffering terribly, and I want it to stop, and I want to move on with my life. [more inside]
posted by zeek321 at 7:18 AM - 17 answers

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