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September 20

Best remedies to avoid getting sick?

Mr. Circle and I leave in 3 days for the month-long European vacation of our dreams. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. Congested and exhausted. I blew it off as allergies and took some Flonase, but I'm feeling worse. What is my best defense to keep from getting sick, besides going home and going back to bed? [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 9:11 AM - 15 answers

September 19

Why do I lose my voice so often?

Every time one of my kids passes on a cold to me(and that happens multiple times during Autumn/Winter/Spring) I lose my voice. Why? [more inside]
posted by Omnomnom at 2:08 PM - 7 answers

Why am I not losing weight on Wellbutrin and Topamax?

I've gained 20 pounds over time because of antidepressants I've taken, and that has made me more depressed. As a result, my doctor changed some of my medications to Wellbutrin and Topamax. [more inside]
posted by Four-Eyed Girl at 10:25 AM - 17 answers

Workout advice for a noob

I've just started exercising for the first time in my life and I could use some guidance around what kinds of workouts would be best for me as a 40-something fat guy with zero gym experience. I have a Planet Fitness membership, realistic (I think) goals and expectations, and (so far) a strong will to make this work, but I'd like to know what I can and should do to maximize the return on my efforts. [more inside]
posted by Banky_Edwards at 10:15 AM - 21 answers

Why Do Wounds Itch as they Heal?

It seems like especially small wounds (like a scrape) can drive me bonkers with itching as they heal. I'm curious to know why wounds itch as they heal?
posted by summerstorm at 8:39 AM - 5 answers

September 18

Bikin' bike bike! Is it worth it to overhaul my 1981 Schwinn?

I have a 1981 Schwinn LeTour of which I am extremely fond, Susan. I would like to start using my bike again. Is it worth it to pay for an overhaul of a 36 year old bike? [more inside]
posted by dubhemerak3000 at 12:11 PM - 22 answers

Nursing - Why Is Baby Snoozing at the Tap?

Little REH is a beautiful 5 week old boy. Breastfeeding is going pretty well, but there have been variations...regressions? [more inside]
posted by Reasonably Everything Happens at 10:45 AM - 20 answers

How do you shoe?

How often do you (or should you) replace sneakers for cross training? [more inside]
posted by raztaj at 7:08 AM - 3 answers

September 17

Recommend a urologist that more doctor than mechanic.

I would like a recommendation for a urologist in the Boston area that: 1) Can do a vasectomy. 2) Can intelligently explain the risks of various complications and what they would do to mitigate them. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:22 PM - 3 answers

September 16

Find me an exercise I actually want to do!

I'm a natural layabout who needs to find a (preferably core-strengthening, preferably cheap) exercise I like enough to become a habit. [more inside]
posted by kingdead at 8:33 PM - 20 answers

Should I delay my optometrist appointment?

I have an optometrist appointment today (in about 2 hours) to get a new prescription for my glasses. I was up really late last night working on my computer and didn't get much sleep. My eyes are so tired now they actually feel tired, which hardly ever happens to me. Will my eyes being so tired corrupt or negatively influence the results of the testing? Or maybe it'll make my prescription even more accurate? Or have no effect at all? [more inside]
posted by bleep at 10:22 AM - 3 answers

September 15

Urethral Stricture is in the picture

I was recently diagnosed with a urethral stricture. The doctor made it seem like no big deal, but googling (I know, I know) has me a little freaked out. If you have any knowledge about this diagnosis or know of US-based medical centers that have particularly good Urology departments please share! [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:23 PM - 4 answers

Numbness in calf and foot, lower back pain

Suddenly, running --> intense left calf and foot pain and numbness, and sex --> lower back pain in an otherwise healthy young woman. YANAD, but I've been to the doctor twice already. Do I need to go again? [more inside]
posted by metacognition at 11:09 AM - 9 answers

How to support a friend through a major weight loss program?

A friend has struggled with her weight for many years and lately had some serious health consequences. A few years ago, she lost ~150 pounds through strict dieting and exercise, and still would have another ~100 before reaching a "normal" BMI. She has since gained that weight back and then some, and enrolled in a long-term, medically supervised program to manage it. She has shared this with me, and I know she is enthusiastic but daunted. I'd like to be supportive, so what can I do to help? What should I not do? [more inside]
posted by stillmoving at 9:08 AM - 12 answers

September 14

The Big Quit

I have smoked for 30 years. I recently turned 50. It's time to quit. I want to make this as painless as possible. I know about nicotine gum and, well, ick. I'm not interested in medication. I'm also leery of the patch. But from what I gather vaping can be a decent substitute. Can you advise? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:47 PM - 32 answers

Am I going to get sick from this chicken mistake?

I made fajitas from frozen chicken today and when I bit into one I found a tiny (about the size of a pencil eraser) piece of chicken meat that wasn't all the way cooked. I spit it out and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with mouthwash. What else should I do?
posted by Beethoven's Sith at 6:00 PM - 16 answers

Smashed a finger - need a doctor?

I know that YANMD, however, I'm trying to decide if one is really needed. [more inside]
posted by Quincy at 12:07 PM - 11 answers

Psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area

Does any one have any psychiatrist recommendations in the SF bay area for anxiety & depression? [more inside]
posted by aloysius on the mixing boards at 9:07 AM - 3 answers

September 13

Morning Face Time

A long time ago I came across an idea, from the now-deceased blogger Seth Roberts, that seeing faces in the morning is beneficial for sleep & mood. I've investigated it enough, on and off, to think there might be something to it. Now I want to properly test it for myself. Help me find some good sources of faces. [more inside]
posted by gold-in-green at 9:14 PM - 11 answers

How can I donate two working CPAP machines?

I have two working CPAP machines I don't need. (One is my old one, one was a relatives I ended up with somehow.) My spouse swears she caught a news report saying displaced hurricane survivors are suffering without all of their meds, therapies, and yes, CPAP machines. Do you know of anywhere I can send these to help those people out?
posted by DirtyOldTown at 2:18 PM - 3 answers

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