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August 30

Wearable [whatever] to track HIIT sessions?

I recently bought an Ironman Essential watch by Timex because I thought it would track intervals, but it seems to only have 1 timer. I need something that will track a warm up of 1m/30s for 10 reps, then a workout of 2m/1m for 7 reps, then a cool down walk. [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday at 11:40 AM - 3 answers

Experience with gallbladder removal.

Can you guys tell me how your gallbladder removal surgery went? Is it true that you can go back to work after a full week? I am having surgery on Friday and I am not going back to work until the following monday( a full 9 days at home besides the surgery day). I am completely frightened. I heard about davinci surgeries that are robot assisted. I am next looking into that. I heard some can do even with one single incision.
posted by barexamfreak at 9:44 AM - 21 answers

August 29

Genetic testing for nerds

I'm thinking of getting my genome sequenced by 23andme. However, I am not interested in a responsive, user-friendly experience. I want to get my raw data, upload it to Promethease, and also play around with it myself. I also have some privacy concerns, and am wary of the family/ancestry features. Help me think this through. [more inside]
posted by vogon_poet at 4:05 PM - 11 answers

MTHFR methylation: woo...right?

I was complaining to a friend about decreased ability to metabolize alcohol as I get older. He advised I look into poor MTHFR methylation as a possibility. I have searched and searched and all I can find is woo (causes everything from autism to bad vibes, here buy my book and your problems will be solved!). Was this advice of his purely woo?
posted by The Noble Goofy Elk at 1:05 PM - 8 answers

If the engine is gone, what's generating the heat?

I'm three weeks post-op from a complete abdominal hysterectomy, perfomed at age 61, so I'm well past menopause. Everything is going very well. Here's my question. Since my ovaries are gone, and this hysto is not an artificially induced menopause, why am still having (extremely mild) hot flashes? [more inside]
posted by BostonTerrier at 10:35 AM - 6 answers

August 28

Lump in breast; what do?

I have a lump in my breast and I need to know what to expect when I go to the doctor. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 9:26 PM - 12 answers

shoulder separation: surgery vs. doing nothing, or is there third way?

Asking for a friend: he fell off a motorscooter while riding it and fell on his left side. The main injury was "AC separation" [a type of shoulder separation -- damage to the acromioclavicular joint -- which is _not_ the same thing as shoulder _dislocation_], type 3;means that surgery is optional but worth considering. Is there some other choices beside surgery, or doing nothing? [more inside]
posted by Oli D. at 6:32 PM - 3 answers

Recommend an insurance plan from New York Healthcare Exchange?

I'm looking for any wisdom or caution about navigating individual plans in NYC. [more inside]
posted by annabellee at 4:08 PM - 5 answers

How to feel gratitude?

In many ways my life is comically bad, and yet it is immeasurably better than the lives of most people in the course of human history. So how can I stop dwelling on the negative, and feel a sense of gratitude? [more inside]
posted by beigeness at 3:08 PM - 21 answers

Playground [in the city of brotherly] love

I'm looking for a playground (or any public park) that has the equipment necessary to perform pull ups, and less importantly but nice to have parallel bars for dips as well, in (or near) the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia. [more inside]
posted by telegraph at 2:26 PM - 2 answers

Radical approaches in healing - your experience wanted.

Imagine, if you will, that you have a vexing, life-altering, deeply troubling health chronic problem. It's not degenerative, it's not fatal, it's just f*cking up the most important part of your life. You are on a quest to heal, convinced that you cannot have the life you want until you get the problem under control. [more inside]
posted by falcon42 at 2:22 PM - 13 answers

August 26

What are my options for night guards?

I just got quoted 750$ from my dentist and my insurance doesn't cover night guards at all. Help me figure out my options? [more inside]
posted by namesarehard at 9:55 AM - 16 answers

One elbow clicks while lowering overhead press. Fixes/workarounds?

My left elbow clicks on the medial side while I'm lowering the barbell during overhead press. It feels like a tendon's out of alignment and is having problems sliding over the bone or something - maybe an early case of golfer's elbow, but I don't know. It happens every rep, and has gotten more pronounced over a few sessions. My right elbow doesn't do this, and my form looks symmetrical. [more inside]
posted by randomname25 at 7:16 AM - 10 answers

August 25

Minimalist panty liners

I am looking for some very specific panty liners that I've bought before--I can't remember who makes them, though. Description is inside. Does this sound familiar? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:12 PM - 19 answers

Selfhelp for obsessive thinking that isn't typical OCD

Hi everyone, You've all been so helpful with giving me advice and support through my various anxieties and life stressors. I've reluctantly acknowledged today that I haven't cracked my problems with obsessive thinking. I'd love to try working through a self-help workbook, but need one that doesn't focus on a stereotypical idea of what OCD is. Can you help? [more inside]
posted by Dorothea_in_Rome at 2:22 PM - 10 answers

Returning equipment to Apria for refund

My doctor prescribed a CPAP earlier this year, and my insurance at the time covered a rental for three months, at which the unit would be "mine". The three months ended in May, and I happened to change jobs at that time. [more inside]
posted by NYC-BB at 11:29 AM - 6 answers

A little yoga to start the day

What form of yoga is best for a man in his early 50's, in OK shape, doesn't currently exercise and just wants to be limber? Routines that take 15-30 minutes. Nothing too strenuous. Something that can be done in the living room and learned from YouTube videos.
posted by GernBlandston at 3:54 AM - 10 answers

August 24

What to expect when your kid's expecting chemo?

This is us. We've since spoken to a lot of other doctors, and agreement seems to be unanimous that chemotherapy is necessary. Our son is scheduled to begin this week. We are having trouble preparing him for it because all the materials available seem to be centered around fighting cancer - which he doesn't have. Help? [more inside]
posted by my left sock at 6:54 PM - 9 answers

Mefites, what does your healthy yet simple diet look like?

I'd like to get some tips for changing my diet to something that's based around a handful of core healthy ingredients, if possible. [more inside]
posted by ajax287 at 6:15 PM - 24 answers

Do antidepressants give you a false illusion of life?

I am on lexapro and wellbutrin. They have worked out well. Lexapro in making me relaxed and not sweat the small stuff, and wellbutrin gives me a kick of energy and happiness. this real? [more inside]
posted by marciainabox at 5:05 PM - 29 answers

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