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May 24

What should we be doing about edema?

My wife is having problems with what we believe to be non-emergency fluid retention (edema?) What should we be doing, and what type of doctor do we need? [more inside]
posted by Jacen at 6:07 PM - 8 answers

Feel like I was hit by a virus truck

Super weird (for me) constellation of symptoms... what is going on? [more inside]
posted by easter queen at 3:07 PM - 18 answers

When I’m 64 - Help me age gracefully

What’s the one thing I should be doing to stay healthy as I age, keep up my energy, stay healthy and be in good health for the neither or four decades? [more inside]
posted by mulcahy at 8:16 AM - 30 answers

May 22

I need you, I want you, now go away!

I effing haaaaaate sunscreen. I'm 48 yrs old and have now finally finally maybe maybe found something I can tolerate. Everything I've ever ever tried till now just makes me gross puddles of sweat. I cannot exaggerate the discomfort and unsightliness. Nothing to do with temperature. Nivea, Neutrogena, Bullfrog, Banana Boat; fancy stuff, Dermologica, Paula's Choice; lotions, creams, gels, sprays, it has always been gross gross gross. [more inside]
posted by dmvs at 5:39 PM - 37 answers

My tonsils are driving me crazy.

I've been plagued by tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) for the past few months and they are making me deeply unhappy. Have you had them and managed to get rid of them without a tonsillectomy? What did you do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 4:32 PM - 18 answers

Walking in downtown Indianapolis

I am coming to Indianapolis in June for Amerivespa. I've been trying to keep my activity levels up lately and increasing my daily steps by using a pedometer app, but riding my scooter all day is liable to put a huge dent in my totals. So I'm looking for some walking routes/advice for downtown Indianapolis. [more inside]
posted by raisingsand at 3:33 PM - 4 answers

So, we're having a baby

It's too early to share with parents, friends, and colleagues, but just the right time to open up to a bunch of internet strangers. Mrs. BJW and I are 9 weeks pregnant. (YAY!!) I would like to ask the hive for help finding 2 things: First, a website that I saw referenced here but can no longer find. Second, the current best "What to Expect" book out there. [more inside]
posted by bluejayway at 8:38 AM - 24 answers

May 21


Have you ever had your nose "packed" due to a nosebleed? How long did they leave the packing in? While the packing was in, did you have pain that was not manageable with Tylenol? What restrictions did you have after removal? (Could you have, for example, driven yourself home? How about driven a car for three hours?)
posted by anastasiav at 12:59 PM - 8 answers

I would like to stop feeling and living like this.

How does a constant hypochondriac and anxiety sufferer just live and feel like a regular person? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 8:24 AM - 18 answers

Weight and Watch

I'm a fairly healthy 29 year old male. About three weeks ago, I grew tired of constant comments from friends and acquaintances about how much weight I'd put on over the past few years, and decided to do something about it. [more inside]
posted by murtagh at 6:49 AM - 32 answers

May 20

How long is it ok to take antibiotics and can you retake them?

I have a cavity and my dentist prescribed me a week of antibiotics to take every 6 hours to keep it from getting worse. I ran out of the antibiotics last week. [more inside]
posted by manderin at 5:20 PM - 7 answers

Can braces move molars forward in the mouth?

Any orthodontists around? My tooth needs to be extracted (second to last molar on the bottom jaw; right side). and I would like to avoid an implant if possible and would like to replace it with my own teeth instead by moving my back molar forward. [more inside]
posted by rancher at 12:27 PM - 7 answers

How to not stress my injured ribs, large chest edition

I have multiple injured ribs on my left side. All instructions on how to care for them involve avoiding weight and stress on them, and not binding them. How the heck do I do this with a J cup??? [more inside]
posted by Gneisskate at 10:34 AM - 15 answers

What are some mind tricks to use while running to keep my mind occupied?

I've been running and there is a certain level of boredom that creeps up. It's become a lot better as my endurance has increased but I am still looking for some strategies and mind-tricks to keep me engaged in running. [more inside]
posted by RapcityinBlue at 7:33 AM - 19 answers

I'm not losing weight on a ketogenic diet this time around. What gives?

A low-carb, ketogenic diet has ALWAYS worked for me. Until now. After 6 weeks AND introducing exercise into the mix, the scale isn't budging. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Hwaet at 4:52 AM - 29 answers

Facebook post about a child with untreated medical problem...

Someone I don't know posted something to a private Facebook group I'm in about their two year old with a medical problem (Phenylketonuria) going untreated. Permanent brain damage could result... probably already has, sadly, and it will get worse the longer she goes without treatment. I'm haunted by the thought of this poor little girl. Is there anything I can or should do at this point? [more inside]
posted by OnceUponATime at 3:25 AM - 18 answers

May 19

Good Lord Please Make My Butt Itch Go Away

My butt itches constantly. Mostly at night but during the day as well. I'm tired of it and want it to stop once and for all. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:13 PM - 28 answers

So that was trippy, and scary

I took some cannabis earlier (it's legal here) and weird physical things happened. Is this normal? Should I mark this as another medicine I cannot take? [more inside]
posted by patheral at 6:35 PM - 22 answers

Falling all over myself. Please make it stop.

I've been clumsy, non-athletic, rhythmless my entire life. I'd like that to change. [more inside]
posted by nubianinthedesert at 8:36 AM - 33 answers

summer skincare and haircare protection

Active women: how do you keep your hair and skin healthy and undamaged from sweat and sun? [more inside]
posted by raztaj at 7:13 AM - 16 answers

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