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March 20

You herniated a disk in your neck. You recovered. Tell me how it went.

Tips? Ideas? Commiseration? Humorous anecdotes? Heartfelt grievances? All gladly accepted. Bulleted summary below the fold. [more inside]
posted by Alaska Jack at 11:44 AM - 5 answers

Nurses/Phlebotomists/etc: How to ask politely for gloves to be replaced?

I recently had an iv line inserted by a delightful technician who was wonderful in every way except that she put on her gloves and then rubbed her nose and then proceeded to insert the line. How could I have asked her to change her gloves without causing offense? [more inside]
posted by janey47 at 11:04 AM - 15 answers

March 19

can you recommend an ADHD coach, or alternative?

I don't want to keep living with disorganization, slippery time management, and a general level of overwhelm. I'm in the process of getting back on Strattera, but while it helped in the past, it didn't cure me, so I want more ammo. I've heard that coaching is one of the most helpful things for ADHD. But who? [more inside]
posted by nevers at 7:41 PM - 4 answers

Can I get the stomach flu again from the same person I caught it from?

I had my first case of gastroenteritis a few days ago, and while it was thankfully a brief experience, I'm not sure if I should be worried about catching it again from my girlfriend, who gave it to me after being sick herself a week prior. Am I now immune? (Just from her, I'm assuming I can catch it from another source just like I could at anytime.) [more inside]
posted by the thorn bushes have roses at 5:05 PM - 4 answers

How can I stop slumping in my chair?

I have a terrible habit of slumping down in my faux-leather chair at work. No matter how often I catch myself and sit up straight, a few minutes later I'm sliding back down. I really hate this because it makes me look like a schlub, especially when the boss comes to my desk. I've actually considered putting some kind of rubber mat on the seat to keep my butt from sliding, but rejected this as unavoidably bizarre. Short of buying a new, more friction-y chair, is there anything I can do to stop this habit?
posted by Enemy of Joy at 10:48 AM - 16 answers

Help Shoe Me

I want to take up running. I'm a very new beginner and am going to start by way of C25K. Slow and steady is the plan. I don't plan on pushing myself. The extenuating factor here is that I have Cerebral Palsy. [more inside]
posted by aclevername at 7:25 AM - 9 answers

Computing hacks for migraine sufferers

My mother gets migraines. She has to be on a computer for several hours at least a day for work. These two things are not very compatible. Help me help her make it better. [more inside]
posted by mymbleth at 5:34 AM - 13 answers

March 18

What are your experiences with counting calories?

I looking to hear about the experiences people have had with counting calories to lose weight, so that I can better determine if it's the right approach for me and my partner. [more inside]
posted by sam_harms at 11:27 PM - 36 answers

Mild dysplasia cervix need colposcopy

I am beyond worried My pap result came back low dysplasia. LGISL is the diagnosis which is one step after ASCUS. Should I be worried? Well I already am. I do not know how to deal with this. I got scheduled for colpo to look at it and get a biopsy. Did you go through this?
posted by barexamfreak at 1:57 PM - 28 answers

This million-dollar workup is probably all for nothing

Earlier this week somebody found me passed out on the floor. From there, I got dragged in to see the doctor, who ran some tests (all negative so far). That's not the problem. The problem is: I feel ashamed and guilty, like I'm making this all up, despite that the objective facts are that I fainted, my blood pressure was found to be 50/40 (after fluids), and that I have a history of syncope. [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit at 11:14 AM - 22 answers

Missing the Monthly Gift

Has anyone here experienced a skipped menstrual cycle after quitting regular marijuana use, or know of someone who has? If so, how long did it take to get back to normal again? There are some forums I've found which suggest quitting cigarettes can cause this, and I am wondering if stopping smoking other substances can cause the same effect. [more inside]
posted by dissolvedgirl22 at 9:04 AM - 9 answers

Help me make my thighs as good as my calves

I have great calves; they are strong, muscular, and well-defined. I have an okay butt. I do NOT have great thighs. What can I do to make my thighs stronger and, if possible, leaner? [more inside]
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 7:15 AM - 13 answers

Should I run?

Should I run? Complications: fat, crackly knees, plantar fasciitis, clumsiness. If I should run, any advice on doing it right? [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 at 7:12 AM - 22 answers

March 17

Help me add more structure to my fitness routine

I have been working out at home regularly (4-5 times a week) for the past several months, following some specific routines. I'd like some input on how to improve my routine and mix it up in the most efficient way to meet my goals. [more inside]
posted by lost_lettuce at 3:27 PM - 7 answers

Help me not get diabetes please!

I have a very strong family history of type II diabetes (all 4 of my grandparents, both of my parents, and most of their numerous siblings have been diagnosed, usually in their late 50s). I am in my early 40s and somehow over the past 20 years have been putting pounds (quit smoking and gained some weight, got pregnant and didn't lose all the weight, got a sedentary office job and added a few more pounds . . .). Now I'm at a BMI of 31 and the heaviest I've ever been at middle age, and I REALLY don't want to become diabetic like everyone else in my family. [more inside]
posted by agent99 at 2:43 PM - 28 answers

What should this doctor's referral say instead?

My friend got a referral that seems wrong. Does it need to be corrected or is the radiology place we went to being picky? [more inside]
posted by rancher at 12:46 AM - 6 answers

March 16

"Exercise, eat right, and all your problems will be solved," they said!

I have bad PMS or PMDD symptoms lasting two weeks out of every month. Hormonal birth helps a lot, but also causes frequent migraine headaches. Where do I go from here? [more inside]
posted by theraflu at 6:32 PM - 11 answers

What's up with delayed food allergies?

After experiencing some digestive issues, my doctor has diagnosed me with several delayed food allergies. They happen to all be things that I eat every day. What should I do with this information? [more inside]
posted by chaiminda at 1:53 PM - 8 answers

Tell me what I need to know about buying eyeglasses for the first time

Tell me what I need to know about buying eyeglasses for the first time so I ask the right questions and don't buy things I don't need. Cost is not really a factor, though; I'd rather do this right and not skimp (and regret it later). Bonus if you can recommend a specific place to go in Milwaukee. I do not want to order online. [more inside]
posted by desjardins at 1:36 PM - 34 answers

Really weird doctor experience today. Would love insights.

This is a probably a minor doctor issue, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if I should make a complaint or not. Mostly, I don't want to make a complaint if it would not be taken seriously. Content within. [more inside]
posted by angrycat at 1:03 PM - 16 answers

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