Funny, quirky, earnest movies?
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Looking for movie recommendations for a blustery weekend. I loved "We Are The Best!" and "Lars and the Real Girl," because they were sweet and funny and slightly offbeat, but also earnest and thoughtful with endearing but not saccharine plots and characters. What other movies might I like?
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If you liked We Are the Best I think you will like Linda Linda Linda
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Little Miss Sunshine might do it
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Galaxy Quest!
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I really enjoyed The Before trilogy, with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Note: each subsequent film doesn't quite live up to its predecessor.
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Truly, Madly, Deeply. A little sad, but ultimately a quite optimistic movie.
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Maybe Beginners?
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I just watched The Fundamentals of Caring recently and very much enjoyed it. Quirky, funny, sweet.
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But I'm a Cheerleader
Slums of Beverly Hills
Dear White People
Thank You for Smoking
Easy A
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Joe Versus the Volcano
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Safety Not Guaranteed
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Captain Fantastic
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Romantics Anonymous and Amelie could be consider saccharine but they still have a place in my heart. I like the Before Trilogy previously mentioned. Amongst older films Roman Holiday is a particular favourite.
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Heart and Souls
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Ed Wood
Ghost World
The Lobster
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Columbus was my quirky and charming find of the year.
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The Straight Story.
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Happy Go Lucky
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Local Hero
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Lubitsch films might do it for you, especially (given your comments) The Shop Around the Corner.
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Strictly Ballroom. Also Muriel's Wedding
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Mr. Pig (1:32:11)
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City Island
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Walking and Talking -- Nicole Holofcener's first feature length, (and starring 3 not-yet-famous actors, Catherine Keener, Anne Heche and Liev Schrieber.)
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The Castle, Rat Race, Four Lions, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
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The Big Sick!! So very good.
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The Station Agent.. It is a quiet movie about making unexpectedly delightful new friends when you least expect it and most need it .. and i love it.
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Sing Street!
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Everybody Wants Some!! was a low-stakes, slice-of-life kind of movie that I really enjoyed.
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Eagle vs. Shark
Italian for Beginners
Born Romantic
Nthing: Galaxy Quest, Muriel's Wedding, Strictly Ballroom, Juno, But I'm A Cheerleader, Little Miss Sunshine
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20th Century Women (dir Mills)
Our Little Sister (dir Koreeda) — skews sweet
After the Storm (dir Koreeda)
After Life (dir Koreeda)
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (dir Waititi)
Smoke Signals (dir Eyre) — skews sad
George Washington (dir Green) — skews sad

These movies remind me that I love humanity a lot a lot.
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Nthing Be Kind Rewind, Beginners, Station Agent, COLUMBUS (YES), Strictly Ballroom, Safety Not Guaranteed. So many great suggestions.

Also ...... Hunt for the Wilderpeople > Captain Fantastic
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Moonrise Kingdom

(both are Wes Anderson films).
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It might be worth looking into Whit Stillman's oeuvre. Metropolitan is my favorite. Last Days of Disco might be a little more accessible.
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Lady in the Water
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About Time is a wonderfully sweet movie with a great soundtrack.
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When I think 'funny, quirky, and earnest' I think Manny and Lo.
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Strictly Ballroom. (Don't watch the trailer, it's not good.)
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Most of these have already been posted

Little Miss Sunshine
Moonrise Kingdom/Grand Budapest Hotel
The Big Chill
Cinema Paradiso

Do not recommend Ghost World. I love it but it is extremely dark.
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Strictly Ballroom.

Indeed, one of my favourites. In the same vein, Shall We Dance, but the original 1996 Japanese version, not the later remake.
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Maybe it's just me, but Muriel's Wedding made me so, so sad.

Seconding Little Miss Sunshine. Catch Me if You Can. The Big Year. Any Jane Austen adaptation. Sideways, in a melancholy way.
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Bottle Rocket
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Stranger Than Fiction.
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For some reason Amelie shares the same spot in my head as Chungking Express.
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Nthing Frances Ha
Harold and Maude
Being There
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Oh, and Luc Besson's Angel-A.
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Rocket Science
Dan In Real Life
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Kitchen Stories
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The perfect double feature: Local Hero and I Know Where I'm Going! Those will make you want to fall in love and move to northern Scotland immediately.
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A Man Called Ove. Watched it last night, nice.
Win Win. From the director of The Station Agent, recommended above.
Up, or just about anything from Pixar.
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Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Seriously, you will love it.
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This is great! I've seen almost none of these movies, so this should last me well in to spring. Thank you for all of the suggestions!
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
(we just watched the second one last night and it is silly and heartwarming and wonderful)
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The Invention of Lying
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Paper Moon.
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In addition to nthing the Station Agent, Safety not Guaranteed and Frances Ha:

Butter, City of Lost Children, Bernie
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Magic Mike 2 is honestly too pure and joyous for this world, so I'd add it to the list.
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Dean Spanley.

The Angel's Share (the first 20 minutes are bleak but if you persevere the rest of the film is very different).
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Just in case it's of interest, you might find some good recommendations in my two previous questions about funny, charming, intelligent movies. Two specific examples from those threads you might enjoy:

Baghdad Cafe
The Artist
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Ooh, more recommendations! Thank you!
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I feel like The Truman Show should get a mention.
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Late to the thread, but If I Were You stars Marcia Gay Harden as a women who finds out her husband is having an affair, and unexpectedly ends up playing King Lear in the world's most amateur production of the play.
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