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This is my new gentleman. He's 9 years old and a little camera shy. He is the biggest snugglebug of a cat I have ever met. He joins his new sisters in my home. He came with the name Chester, but I really don't like it. Looking for names from mythology.

I don't like common human names. I've been contemplating Apollo and Thor. Part of me is worried that people will think the latter is named after the movie character.

What do you guys think, what name does he seem to embody?
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I personally feel like Hercules would be super funny.
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Forget mythology. He's a Colonel Mustard if I ever saw one
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What about Finn?

Irish Meaning:
The name Finn is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Finn is: Fair. Mythology; Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were named Finians.
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What are his sisters' names?
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(I don't always pay attention to the cat naming "rules", sorry, they just kind of tell me their names.)
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Maybe Caspar? Sounds enough like Chester that it may be less for him to get used to.
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(Non-mythology: Rogers. As in Ginger.)
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He looks like a Blooboo.
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Seconding Finn.

Or Baldur, Norse god of light and purity; seems to fit a lovejunky.
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Actually, I think Apollo is perfect.
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freyja (pronounces freYA or with a throaty h like freyHya)

goddes of some of my favorite things: love, fertility, beuaty and battle. (ok not that last one!)
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Or Samson, if you don't mind going biblical.
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Camazotz or Zotz, Mayan bat god

A non-mythology suggestion: Mr. Cat Chairington. Chairy to his friends.
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Lubberkin?: – 'A legendary creature of English folklore … He is typically described as a large, hairy man with a tail, who performs housework in exchange for a saucer of milk and a place in front of the fire.’
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Zeno (pronounced ZEH-no). I know a cute little boy called Zeno who might looks like your cat if he were a cat.
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He likes cuddles and has a "ch" in his name. You should call him Bacchus.
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Lugh, ancient Irish hero.

About that Lubberkin...where can I get one? Clean my house and he can have a place before the fire and saucer of milk any day!
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Sisters are Morgan and Ivy (box lover).
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I always associate Hephaestus with orange, he is often shown in that colour scheme since he tends to hang around in volcanoes/forges a lot.
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He looks to me like Hektor, breaker of horses.
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Might be too much like a normal human name, but Aengus (, god of love, youth, and poetic inspiration (and suits a redhead like your kitty, I think).
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Ulysses, Roman name of the hero of The Odyssey. And, he looks so like the cat from Inside Llewyn Davis, also called Ulysses.
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Another vote for Orion. Points: 1. Mythological hunter, 2. "Or" same letters in "Orange", 3. Was the name of the sassy cat who saved the universe in "Men in Black".

Also, it's an awesome and very recognizable constellation!
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I once knew a cat named Chester. He was an enormous orange beast who ruled the household with an iron paw. One time he stole an entire roast turkey by muscling it off the table, whereupon he dragged it across the room and hid it behind the curtains, where he proceeded to devour it.

What I'm saying is, you should keep the name Chester.
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If you've got a Morgan, you could accompany with a Merlin, Gawain, or Lancelot.
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Whatever you do, don't name him Trouble.

Maybe Cheshire would be good.
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Horus? He kind of looks kingly. Of course some people might think his name was Horace like the poet, but that wouldn't be a shabby name, either.
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As a ginger, he might be suited to an Irish mythology name. Fergus?
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Tyrion, if that's not too human (Game of Thrones of course).

And cherry Coke Zero?! I must find some.
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Ooh.. I'm torn between Orion, Finn, and Helios!

You guys are great at this! I'm so glad I asked MeFi. Thank you!
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I think on paper he's going to officially be called Orion.

But I've taken to calling him my gentleman.. which he's already responding to.
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Last update. Gentleman was the name that ended up sticking.

Unfortunately he stopped eating a few weeks ago. Even with syringe feeding, he couldn't be enticed to eat. Then he started having some urinary problems. Vets could feel a mass around his kidney, and suspected cancer. He's gone over the rainbow bridge.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
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