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April 17

Wheezy older cat?
For the last several of months our 21 year old Sita has become increasingly wheezy. In January and February, we only noticed the wheeze after a glucosamine treat in the mornings. Starting around the end of February/beginning of March, she became really wheezy when she purred hard. It sounded...wet? The wheeziness would get really bad, she would swallow/take a big gulp of air and then go back to a "normal" amount of wheeze. [more inside]
posted by source.decay at 11:29 AM - 5 answers
Beloved cat is responding horribly to new baby - give us your tips
Our cat has been puking multiple times a day since the arrival of our baby 4 weeks ago. She's been to the vet twice to rule out coincidental health issues - cat is healthy aside from the baby misery, kitty parents are at a loss for how to ease the transition, please help! [more inside]
posted by paddingtonb at 9:43 AM - 17 answers

Chicago dog boarding for pooch that doesn't like other dogs?
We are going to be traveling for a decent amount of time (1-2 weeks) and we need a place to keep our dear pup (a 50 lb mixed breed). [more inside]
posted by AceRock at 7:42 AM - 7 answers

April 16

Impending pet death (probably). How do I take care of the remains?
I think I'm about to have to deal with the loss of a beloved pet cat. I am not sure how to best handle dealing with her remains. I want to keep them. Can anyone help me figure this out? [more inside]
posted by Because at 12:58 AM - 11 answers

April 14

Can you help me find my mom's cat?
My mom is out of town for a couple of weeks and she asked me to take her cat to my house, which is about an hour away from hers. The cat moved in here a week ago with no real problems. Today, she went missing, and I would really like to find her. Can you help me? [more inside]
posted by TheTingTangTong at 6:40 PM - 25 answers

Cat dying of kidney failure -- what to expect?
I brought my 18-year-old cat home to die instead of having him euthanized because I'd rather he spend what little time he has left somewhere he feels safe and loved instead of somewhere he feels scared and uncomfortable. I'd like to hear from others who have been through this with their cats so I know what to expect over the next few days of kitty hospice care. [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline at 5:38 PM - 28 answers

April 13

What is it like to have a retired racing greyhound as a pet?
I'm trying to get a sense of what daily life is like with a dog; specifically a retired racing greyhound. I'd love to hear from people who have this kind of dog. [more inside]
posted by cranberrymonger at 11:59 AM - 25 answers

April 11

I need some advice about my dog.
My family dog is 11 years old. He has always lived at my mom’s and visited mine very occasionally, but not for about 3 years. As him coming to me never worked out (he was always stressed, anxious, barking, wanting to go home) I gave up, and left him at his own home. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 5:59 PM - 23 answers

April 10

my cats love fatty things...why?
I have two 10 year old, part Maine Coon cats(pic of Leo) who love fatty things and I'm wondering if it's a deficiency in their diet? [more inside]
posted by fromageball at 6:51 PM - 14 answers

How do we get a leash on this dog?
Our adorbs rescue puppy is eating out of our hands, playing fetch and generally charming our socks off. But we cannot cannot cannot get a collar on him. Or a leash. [more inside]
posted by amandabee at 3:34 PM - 14 answers

April 9

What's the best method to get this anxious kitty across the ol' USA?
Special Agent Dale Cooper is a very sweet, loving and lazy kitty. He is very happy living the simplest of lives - by day he lazes at the foot of my bed. He takes odd breaks to snack, or lie in his cat lounge. Every once in a while, when he needs to shake it up, he takes an adventure-tourism vacation to lounge on the bathmat. I am currently anticipating a job offer that will take him VERY far out of his comfort zone - clear across the country. Previous travels have been traumatic for Agent Cooper and his traveling companions (namely me, but also anyone in a small radius). I'll explain at length inside - warning: it's a little, but not terribly, gross. [more inside]
posted by pazazygeek at 12:16 PM - 19 answers

April 8

This is the end...and then it's not...and then it is... and then?
Our beloved 18 year old kitty Skye was diagnosed with CRF 3&1/2 years ago. We were told at the time it was pretty bad and that he could have months or years left. We opted not to go with the sub q because he is so skittish already, I wasn't about to make his final time with us miserable. We changed his diet and it helped tremendously. He has his downs where we think it is the end, and then her perks up in a week and is back to normal. This last down was the worst and the shortest. [more inside]
posted by MayNicholas at 12:52 PM - 13 answers

April 6

Do I fight to keep this kitty?
I'm having a battle of ownership over a cat. Back on January 29, when it was -50 C, I found a very cold and very friendly kitty on the street outside my house. I brought him inside, shut him up in my spare bedroom and stuck up lost cat posters all over the neighborhood. After two weeks with no response I took him to the vet, got his first shots and had him tested for FHIV, and started introducing him to my female kitty. That night I got a call from his owners, a (very poor, aboriginal) family who live in a small apartment on the corner facing my house. I took him back to them, told them that I'd had some of his shots done and that he'd need to be fixed; I gave them the name of the low-income clinic that does it for 25 bucks, and told the kid that I'd be happy to pay for the rest of the shots, too. I also told them that he shouldn't be outside in this cold. Then I went to Vancouver for February break. [more inside]
posted by jrochest at 11:25 PM - 62 answers

April 3

Barky dog, safe neighborhood.
I live in a house with a guard dog, but we don't even lock our front door. Is there a good way to calm this pup down? [more inside]
posted by pwally at 10:57 AM - 12 answers

April 2

I have a few questions about getting a Gentle Leader for our dog. Looking for answers and firsthand experiences. [more inside]
posted by griphus at 4:11 PM - 23 answers

April 1

King of the Cat-stle!?
My cat sleeps in my dog's crate when he isn't crated. Is this bad? [more inside]
posted by floweredfish at 5:34 PM - 11 answers

March 31

Is a second dog such a big deal?
My wife and I have a dog. She wants to adopt another one, I'm being very resistant. Are my reasons completely ridiculous? Are two dogs really better than one? [more inside]
posted by BlerpityBloop at 4:27 PM - 53 answers

March 30

Eau de Litter Pan
How can we solve our older cat's sudden obsession with urinating all over the house? [more inside]
posted by DRoll at 4:38 PM - 6 answers

March 29

What kind of dog is this?
Are you a dog breed expert? Help me! [more inside]
posted by gregoryc at 6:29 PM - 26 answers

March 28

Help me name my kitten!
What should I name the newest and most adorable member of my family? [more inside]
posted by fresh bouquets every day at 2:43 AM - 69 answers

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