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February 18

Introducing a new cat to a small apartment

My girlfriend wants to introduce our cats. Please help me plan how to do this. [more inside]
posted by Alterscape at 10:45 AM - 8 answers

February 16

What to Think About When the New Dog is the Older Dog?

I'm a relatively new dog owner considering adding a second dog to my household. I've been doing research about how best to go about introducing them to each other, but I have a couple outstanding questions. [more inside]
posted by pixiecrinkle at 6:47 PM - 11 answers

February 14

"Bigfoot" and "THUMBelina" are unacceptable.

Help name this sweet many-toed kitten! [more inside]
posted by esoterrica at 8:42 PM - 36 answers

February 10

How do you keep your little dog happy in the winter?

We have a sweet little pup who doesn't do well in the cold, and we've moved from a warm climate to a wintry one. How can I keep him happy and fulfilled during a long winter? [more inside]
posted by stillmoving at 1:53 PM - 16 answers

February 7

Press pass for Westminster Dog show. Help me come up with interview q's!

Yay, we got our press passes, so I want to ask you what questions would you like to ask the dog handlers/ owners/ groomers or dogs at the Westminster Dog Show? Smart/ funny/ serious/ what would you want to learn or ask? This will air on In Real Life next Wednesday on WFMU. Here is a link to the show page. [more inside]
posted by brinkzilla at 1:29 PM - 23 answers

February 5

Can My Dog Eat This?

Can my dog eat this? I baked some chicken thighs last Sunday. They disappeared to the back of my fridge and I found them this Sunday. Obviously, I'm not going to eat it... but is there any reason I shouldn't give it to my dog? Rooney would love to eat it-- so AskMe, can he? [Requisite pupper pic by Mefi's own pjern.]
posted by headspace at 7:29 PM - 22 answers

February 4

Having trouble finding a new home for our dog

Our infant son is allergic to our 9-year-old lab mix. We have made the hard decision that we need to find her a new home. She (our dog) is a wonderful companion, but has some issues that are making it difficult to do so. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:13 PM - 11 answers

February 2

How to care for a cat with FIV

Spotless the cat (previous question) has taken up permanent residence in the front yard. We built her nice apartment and took her to the vet... [more inside]
posted by WeekendJen at 11:48 AM - 6 answers

January 27

No Name Kitten is no name for a kitten.

Cuddly puff ball needs a name. Help! [more inside]
posted by exoticlikeomaha at 8:27 PM - 70 answers

What could be wrong with my cat?

I have an appointment with the vet for first thing in the morning, but I just want to get a sense of what possible things might be wrong with my cat, Sweetpea. [more inside]
posted by nanook at 6:30 PM - 6 answers

January 25

Closet Cat

Will my cat be able to figure out how to get into the closet to his favorite napping spot if I replace the closet door with a curtain or is this a terrible idea? [more inside]
posted by ilovewinter at 9:10 AM - 26 answers

January 24

Name my birb

I have a brand new parrotlet borb. He is very sweet, also very bitey, although he's gotten less bitey over the past few days. Obligatory pics here and here. So far I have just been calling him 'birb' or 'borb'. But he needs a name. Probably a human name.
posted by a strong female character at 7:11 PM - 41 answers

Help me help my cat.

Do you brush your cat's teeth? Can you teach me how? [more inside]
posted by janepanic at 3:19 PM - 21 answers

Litter Box Training the Elderly Cat

Charles the shaggy and elderly (12 Yrs++) cat cannot go outside any more. The tick population in our central New England location is growing. Charles brings them into the house. He will not wear tick collars and other tick fighting methods do not work. [more inside]
posted by Raybun at 7:18 AM - 8 answers

Doggie germs

Humans are innately repelled by things like rotten food and bodily fluids - partly because of social taboo, but also as a way of stopping us eating/handling things likely to make us very sick. Why aren't dogs repelled by 'harmful' things in the same way?
posted by mippy at 1:43 AM - 14 answers

January 23

Can we negotiate this vet bill?

Our cat Winston is undergoing dental surgery. One vet first saw the dental problem over a year ago and described it as a minor issue. At this year's annual exam, another vet at the same clinic said that Winston now requires expensive surgery that could have been avoided had he been treated a year ago. How do we approach negotiating the bill? [more inside]
posted by vathek at 2:50 PM - 2 answers

Octopus parents that continue living?

Are there any species of octopus where the mother and/or father remain alive after the birth of the offspring, and do they transfer their knowledge to the offspring? If no, have their ever been observed abnormalities where this happened?
posted by bergnotburg at 7:45 AM - 2 answers

January 22

Overthinking this plate of kitten - can I untrain it?

Short story: Abandoned kitten was not properly litter trained and imprinted on carpet. Has anyone successfully retrained a cat to NOT pee on carpet? [more inside]
posted by arabelladragon at 4:40 PM - 10 answers

January 20

Help my dain bramaged cat. (kitten development issues.)

My juvenile cat is suckling and I'm looking for ideas on how to transition her away from her current target (my fingers and/or her sister's ear) onto anything else. [more inside]
posted by BenevolentActor at 5:09 PM - 14 answers

January 19

Safety of using an aquarium pump as a toy

My two-year-old loves to play in running faucets for long periods of time (usually "washing" things like plastic plates or his hands), but I don't like to let the water run indefinitely for cost and conservation reasons. I got this little aquarium pump and it has nicely solved this problem. I fill the sink, stick the pump in and attach aquarium tubing to it, and he uses the tubing like a hose to do his "washing". [more inside]
posted by ABCApplePie at 8:36 PM - 10 answers

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