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June 4

Acclimating Kitten in Bedroom

I'm bringing a kitten home next week. I was told he should be separated and placed in a quiet area away from my dog, then slowly introduced. My apartment is VERY SMALL. My bedroom is carpeted and I don't want him peeing there, or on my bed while he's in there with a litter box. He may learn that's where the box will ALWAYS be and it's ok to go there. If I lock him in the bathroom, it has no window and he'll be in tight quarters for AT LEAST a week to acclimate to smells/sounds. However, THAT IS the location I prefer one of his litter boxes to be. Also, how could I teach him he'll have his own bed to sleep on at bedtime and it WON'T be mine.
posted by scarbo at 5:59 PM - 39 answers

June 3

brain teasers for kittens

We have a very active six week old kitten. What puzzles are age-appropriate for this kitten? I need more ways to redirect this cute kitten from tantalizing wires! [more inside]
posted by aniola at 6:54 PM - 22 answers

Stray cat --> Outdoor pet?

So, yay - I've been chosen! But I can't have a cat, not really - my entire family is allergic to cats, and I have two pets now (a dog and a bird) who would NOT be okay with a cat in the house. My question is really about whether it is kind to try and keep a stray cat as an outdoor-only pet. [more inside]
posted by rocketing at 6:40 PM - 24 answers

June 2

Registering a Service / Emotional Support Dog - where to even begin?

I have recently been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression stemming from PTSD. I've been taking psychiatrist-prescribed medication as well as regularly seeing a talk therapist in addition to the doctor prescribing the medication. My doctor has noted the prevalence of my dog in my pursuit of a healthy daily lifestyle and offered to write a letter to help get my dog certified as a service / support animal. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:19 PM - 13 answers

You can pick your nose, and you can pick your cat, but can your cat...?

Why does my cat lick my nostrils in the middle of the night? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. at 10:55 AM - 12 answers

May 31

Puppy recall deterioration, especially birds and ducks.

My puppy is a collie x king charles spanial cross. Her recall when out on walks was really great until about a month ago. We moved from a suburb to a city and started walking more along rivers and in parks than in quiet fields. Her recall has deteriorated a lot. The biggest problem is birds and ducks, nothing will get her attention. If on the lead, with a bird in sight, I can hold a high value treat against her nose and she doesn't even blink. If off the lead she will chase the birds persistently. [more inside]
posted by choppyes at 4:31 AM - 5 answers

May 28

Bird ID Question--small black birds with brown heads

These little birds show up every day and hang out on my wife's car. It's really cute. I can't identify them though. I am in Wisconsin. Here's a quick video of them in action. It includes one of them trilling right near the middle.
posted by Slinga at 5:43 PM - 4 answers

May 27

My Dog is Giving My Dog Walker a Complex. Why?

The next entry in my series of newbie dog questions. My newish rescue dog Huggy is difficult about walks in general, but is now making our friendly dogwalker insane by refusing to walk. She clearly likes her, so what gives? [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 4:33 PM - 15 answers

May 26

Can my cat eat this?

Okay, so Dr. Cat gets a little Kitty Kaviar every day - basically shaved bonito. [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 12:43 PM - 11 answers

squirrel gone wild

I'm fostering-to-own this little rescue mutt-nugget. help me name him! [more inside]
posted by changeling at 10:00 AM - 46 answers

May 25

A dachshund by any other name... another round of Name That Dog!

We have a super chill year-old doxie named Poppy. In a couple weeks, Poppy's NEW BABY SISTER is moving in! [more inside]
posted by Mysterious Trousers at 7:09 PM - 32 answers

May 22

Cats. Money. Grief. Stress.

All three of my cats have been hospitalized this year for various reasons. I’ve spent about $10,000 on vet bills since February of this year. They’re still not healthy. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:17 AM - 24 answers

May 21

Another round of: name our cat?

Hello metafilter! We just brought home a new cat from the shelter today. He's a small, young, tuxedo who's simultaneously playful and a love bug. Name ideas? [more inside]
posted by sazerac at 11:16 AM - 59 answers

Give my dog something to chew on

I have a large dog who's a powerful chewer. She's not interested in plastic/rubber bones or other toys. What can I get her that will maximize time chewing for the lowest cost, without choking/digestion issues? [more inside]
posted by deus ex machina at 8:21 AM - 25 answers

May 19

dog fencing through creek?

I want to put a dog-proof fence around a 1-acre place I am planning to buy, which includes some frontage along a small-ish creek. Legal issues aside, is there a fence design that would allow the stream to flow through without snagging flotsam and jetsam, yet keep dogs within boundary? [more inside]
posted by mmiddle at 6:27 AM - 13 answers

My Dog is Really Sick.

My dog has been sick for about 6 months and things are getting critical. I need advice, please. My heart is breaking here. [more inside]
posted by alltomorrowsparties at 12:37 AM - 30 answers

May 18

Should She Be Playing with Me? (And More Newbie Dog Questions)

This is my dog and I have some dumb questions. I had dumb questions in this post too, but now I have more of them. [more inside]
posted by frumiousb at 5:36 PM - 25 answers

Cold War-influenced, all-gender cat name

I'm looking for a name for our new cat, who is fluffy and has white boots on all of her feet. [more inside]
posted by analog at 12:43 PM - 54 answers

How to interpret feline EKG results?

We took our 14 year-old cat went in for what was supposed to be a routine dental procedure yesterday, but a pre-surgery EKG detected a heart anomaly, so she referred us to a cardiologist for an echo cardiogram. The cardiologist estimated it would cost "between $500-$800", which is a lot of money to spend if this turns out to be nothing. You're not my vet, but how would you assess the risks in this situation to make an informed decision? [more inside]
posted by tonycpsu at 11:54 AM - 9 answers

Defluff my life

I have a dog. He is shedding. A lot. I use lint rollers to get most of the hairs off my clothes but the blankets I use to protect the furniture are really covered in hair. What's the most effortless way to get it off them? Surely there is something more straightforward than lint rollers or try to hoover them. (I am brushing the dog and the floors frequently.)
posted by roolya_boolya at 11:15 AM - 24 answers

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