Rude joke filter, Spanish/Portugese edition
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A friend was wracking her brain trying to recall a joke in Spanish about Portugese people....

Friend is fluent or nearly so in Spanish and is now learning Portugese. Apparently the Portugese language names weekdays numerically, I.e., Monday is Second Day, Tuesday is Third Day, etc., and colloquially those days are simply referred to as Second, Third, etc.

Upon learning this, it rang a bell for my friend about a joke she had heard in her early days of knowing Spanish that she hadn't really understood, and now she is wracking her brain to remember. Obviously a job for the hive mind...

Joke is apparently an ethnic/nationalist slur/joke by the Spanish against the Portugese, involves questioning a woman's morals, and involves a play on the concept of "second" as meaning both "after the first" and "Monday". Can anyone help, in the interest of advancing language literacy by way of boorish jokes?
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