Songs about ... errm ... disliking someone
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Looking for some hatred-filled songs to channel my frustration.

Sometimes I have to deal with someone I absolutely cannot stand and also cannot avoid. I'd like to turn my anger into a playlist. I'm looking for songs about hating someone or about horrible people, especially people who constantly criticize you.

I tried google and apparently there are a lot of poppy punkrock/emo songs to be found on this subject, that don't really appeal to my musical taste (I'll leave those in the past for 16-year-old me). Apart from that, I like almost everything, music-wise.

What I am not looking for:

- Punkrock/emo songs (so no Plain White T's)
- Songs about failed relationships/ hating an ex

Songs that are on my playlist already:

- Dirt - Lou Reed
- Leave me alone - Lou Reed
- Bigmouth strikes again - The Smiths
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"The Hell of It" by Paul Williams
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Ach, I can't find a link to it online, but my absolute favorite song in this genre is "Car Fascist" by Ad Frank.
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Killing in the Name of - rage against the machine
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Battery - Aftermath is pretty much an entire hate album. Listen the the title track here. It's pretty awesomely angry, if you have any taste for electronic/industrial.
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crap, sorry, I misread. you're not looking for hating-an-ex songs. might not be applicable then.
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Unbearable - The Wonder Stuff
Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan
Why Don’t You Kill Yourself? - The Only Ones
Little Bitch - The Specials
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Superchunk - "Shallow End"
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Bjork - Army Of Me
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Nine Inch Nails: Head Like a Hole
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And of course the second I hit post I think of a bunch more.

N.E.R.D. - Rock Star
Seahorses - Blinded By The Sun (and, indeed, most of that album)

Azealia Banks - 212 might qualify?
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Big Catholic Guilt- Tom
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Johnny Cash, Sam Hall - damn your eyes!
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Public Enemy: You're Gonna Get Yours a.k.a. My 98 Oldsmobile.
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Did you catch this question from earlier this month? Lots of recommendations that might fill the bill.
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Accept's Son of a Bitch can be helpful.
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Sorry it's the wrong genre, but there's always "I Hate You" from the Star Trek IV soundtrack.
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Rollins Band, Liar

The Mark Of Cain, Interloper
(Which Youtube tells me was produced by Rollins. Never knew that.)

Gah, these might not fit your theme lyrically; they just carry angry nicely for me.

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Shitlist by L7 is a classic of the genre.
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Gang of Four "I Found That Essence Rare"
Modern Lovers " Pablo Picasso"
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The Dresden Dolls' "Backstabber". I used to work with a team of people I absolutely hated (and who hated me right back) IN A DANK BUG-INFESTED SUB-BASEMENT; the only thing that kept me from going on a rampage with a staple remover was stomping around Center City every lunch hour listening to that song.
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More of an "I hate everyone and everything and would like to see it all burn" kind of theme, but Avatar's Hail the Apocalypse is pretty cathartic.
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The Smiths - Unhappy Birthday
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Ugly Kid Joe - Everything about you
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Robbie Fulks - Fuck This Town
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Fuck you - by Lily Allen.
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I'm not sure if Get Set Go is comparable to Plain White Ts, but I Hate Everyone is kind of fun/quirky/cathartic on a bad day.
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They Might Be Giants, When Will You Die?
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Devil Makes Three, Ten Feet Tall
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How Do You Sleep, by John Lennon when he was really really mad at Paul McCartney.
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Fatima Mansions, "Angel's Delight." I could only find a live version that doesn't capture the anger of the recorded version, but if you want to sing "BURN, MOTHERFUCKER, BURN!" at top volume, this is the song for you.

Note that it's an anti-cop song, but I think it's about South African apartheid-era violence, hence the reference to "burning rubber necklaces." (No pics at that link, thankfully.)
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I Wanna Destroy You by the Soft Boys
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The Wedding Present are great for focused, snarling anger but a lot of the songs are about relationships. "Fleshworld" is ambiguous enough that it might work for you.
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Nearly every song by the band Emmure involves despising an ex.
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Frankly Mr. Shankly by the Smiths. ("I didn't realize that you wrote poetry / I didn't realize you wrote such bloody awful poetry").
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Angry Samoans You Stupid Jerk.
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Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
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Toadies - Backslider
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I feel like I recommend this a lot, but nothing beats Godsmack's "Whatever" for this ("I don't like you anyway/I don't need your shit today/You're pathetic in your own way").
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The Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
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Pantera - Walk
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The Ramones - Beat on the Brat. I'd call this punk, but it's proper punk and not the emo kind. If you're good with Lou Reed this should be no problem.

Komeda - Nonsense
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Beck, Motherfucker
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Small parts isolated and destroyed
Kill everyone now
All lies

And about half of every other NoMeansNo song.
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This is not the right genre, but listen to The One You Love To Hate by Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson.
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Wire, "Mannequin" (I guess they're punk, though.)
Neil Young, "Walk On" (specifically about critics, I think)
Tori Amos, "Take to the Sky" ("You can say just one more time, what you don't like...then have a seat while I take to the sky.")
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Sweet voice and a catchy tune is Lily Allen's "F**k You"
At a time when I was treated wrongly badly, my sister thought I would enjoy this tune and think of the folks that mistreated me.... she was so right!
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Skrewdriver - I Don't Like You [lyrics]
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