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I have finally managed to talk my husband into getting a cat and here she is! She's about 1.5 years old, really affectionate, but not really the frisky type. She came with the name Skye but that's a bit too "stripper" for our tastes. She's been with us for a week and seems to be settling in ok and now that I've taken her to the vet's to be spayed, it's time we made her a permanent member of the family with a proper name. Previous AskMes show that you guys are really good at this and husband and I are terrible, so please hope us!
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Oh and we don't really have many requirements - husband wants to avoid anything too girly and I tend to like two-syllable things.
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She's gorgeous!

I offer to you: Bailey.
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Catrin. (Because a long long time ago, oh about 43 years ago, I knew a kitty who was about as beautiful as that one (and looked a lot alike), and a very good friend of mine. She's been gone now for most of my life, but I'll never forget her.)

But I tend to think shmoopybooplesnoogywiggums is actually just fine, and would naturally abbreviate itself in time to the boopster, or wigwig, or whatever Catrin liked best.
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Oh she is a pretty girl. I like Stella or Rosemary
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The Duchess.
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Looks like a Kate to me.
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My boys wanted to call our new, dainty little female kitten "ninja". We settled on "Neko", a Japanese word for cat, since that's what a ninja would call a cat.
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She's a cutie!
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Gladys or Audrey... the look in the last photo really shows the cat's personality and neck line.
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Skye isn't stripper-y, it's an island in Scotland. But she doesn't look like a Skye, so:
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"Na-bi," the Korean word for butterfly, is the classic Korean name for cats.
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Riffing off the Scotland theme:

Lorna Doone
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She looks like a "Molly" to me.
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Oh and we don't really have many requirements - husband wants to avoid anything too girly and I tend to like two-syllable things.

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She looks like the name my Gwen had when she came home from the shelter. I wish I'd kept it, tbh, but maybe you're fluffball would enjoy being called Tagi.
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I secretly think renaming things is asking for bad luck, so I'd probably just twist her existing name to suit: like "Skype" or "Kai" or something Skye-ISH. But I'm weird that way.
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Is she a chirpy kitty? Because those bright eyes and those two perky head poses definitely say "chirpy". If yes, I suggest Causette, pronounced the same as Cosette. The French verb causer means "to chat/talk". If she was an orphaned/adopted/abandoned kitty, all the better :) It is a bit girly though...
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Sally is what popped into my head when I looked at her. If that's too girly, maybe Sully?

Cute cat, congrats!
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She's an Alexandrea (Alex for short) if I ever saw one.
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If she presently listens to her name (some cats do) then I wouldn't want to change it too much. She is old enough not to get used to a new name quickly. So if that is the case, maybe you can change the name a bit but keep the sound pretty much the same?
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Bug? Holly? Rosie?
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These or Tanai. First thing I thought when I saw the pictures, that cat's name starts with a T.
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Steve. Or Yakima.
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When we found a cat in Canada last summer and took her home, my wife and son vetoed my suggestion of "Poutine", so I am going to go ahead and offer that in every cat naming thread from here on out because it's an awesome name for a cat and I won't rest until there is a cat somewhere named Poutine.

Plus, your cat sort of looks like our Iris (The Cat That Should Be Named Poutine), with the three colors (white, black, grey) representing the three primary ingredients in Poutine.

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What about Skylar?
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She looks like a Pinky Pye to me (after the cat in the Eleanor Estes books).
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That's Mabel.
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Her name is Gracie.
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Iris, so old fashioned but tragically hip.
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"Teuchter" - lowland Scots derogatory term for a highlander - such as one from Skye.

Or for something more similar then maybe "Aye" - meaning "Yes".
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I prefer names that suggest the detective protagonists of eighties children's books.

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Based on the "affectionate" you use to describe it, the Chinese "Baobei" (probably rhymes with "Mao Bay") could fit the cat.
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I also think she's a Molly, and then you get to call her Mollywobbles! Win win all around.
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I think if she answers to the name "Skye" you should continue to call her by that name.

You can imagine how we felt when we discovered that our cat's given name was "Fluff", but we had to honour that.

The only time we've knowingly accepted a name change was with our latest cat, but he still visits his family home quite often and has people calling him by his original name there. So we're not taking that away from him.
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Seconding Biscuit because a cat named Biscuit in my mind is quiet and shy and terribly cute.
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Without looking at any answers, I thought "Rosie."
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She's adorable!
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Chairman Meow
Meowgret Thatcher.
Pounce De Leon
Caterina DeWitt
Cat Stevens
Hillary Kitten
Catnip Everdeen
Cindy Clawford
Jennipurr Aniston
Meowly Cyrus
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I named the local stray that we feed "Bob".

Because of that, I am seconding the suggestion of Steve.
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=( My name is Skye.

Just kidding. Not really a stripper name though.

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Skye is actually a pretty grand place - I urge you to reconsider.

She looks very intelligent!

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Kai is nice and has the advantage of sounding like Skye.

Or Schuyler, but not Skylar or Skyler.
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She is beautiful! I sort of want her to be called Ludmila. Or Luna.

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I second Skylar. She looks like a Skylar to me.
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The third picture is a bit like

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Popping in with one more M name -- Mina.
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Oh, man did you deliver on the kitty pictures. Sleepy kitty killed me with cuteness.

Skywalker? I agree with keeping her name similar at 1.5 years old. But you can call her all kinds of silly names, like Skywriter, and Skycaptain, and... Pie in the Sky.

Plus you can troll the people who say "You must really like Star Wars!" by pretending you've never heard of it. Heh.
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Elizabeth --> Lillibet --> Lilla

That's the gosh-darned queen of England right there....
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That kitty is most definitely Norma Ethel
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+1 for Hillary Kitten.

However, if you still need suggestions:

Skynet (if you want to keep her name similar?)
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She looks like a Molly or a Polly to me.
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We have adopted many animals and I tell my kids, if you love someone, you love them the way they are, including the name. I vote for Skye.
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I guess "Stripeh" is a bit yesterday.
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Thank you all so much! We tried a few different names, like actually calling some of them out at her, and she came around the corner with "Molly" so there you go! Skye was in that test as some of you made compelling points about that but well, the cat has spoken and she is now dubbed Molly.
Additional honourable mentions go to Na-bi (I'm Korean) and Neko.
AskMe comes through again!
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Molly de Cat.

She's adorable.
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Meow meow, Miss Molly!
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