What is this herb/green?
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Help me identify this food plant based on a picture.

Working on a project today, I need to know what the planet/food/herb in this picture is called.

Also -- where would you go to ask this question (besides MetaFilter)? Is there some sort of photo identifying search engine? Does such technology exist?
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That looks like dill.
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Flickr has some groups dedicated to this - "ID Please" is a big one. Search their groups for "ID" or "identification" and you'll find others. Share the photo with the group, (usually) get quick helpful answers.

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Looks like dill but could be something related like fennel or anise.
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Dill! Thank you very much. I love you, MetaFilter.
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Is there some sort of photo identifying search engine?

Kinda -- reverse image search -- but it looks like it wouldn't have helped you here.
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Depending on the size, I think it might be fennel (which tends to be larger than dill when fully grown).
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I think it looks more like fennel than dill....but the bottom part of the plant should help to identify.
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I too think it looks like fennel.
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I'm voting fennel over dill too.
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Besides getting a look at the bottom of the plant to differentiate between fennel and dill, you might also smell it. Fennel smells like licorice; dill smells like ... pickles!
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As usual, there's a sub-Reddit for that: Whatisthisplant
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think it is dill
posted by mitch311 at 2:36 AM on April 17

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